Toy Reveal: Paw Patroller Truck

The show, Paw Patrol on Nick Jr., introduced the Paw Patroller vehicle in the second season of Paw Patrol when Everest became part of the Paw Patrol Team. Now Spinmaster has created a toy version of the Paw Patroller, coming out in 2015.

paw patroller truck toy

The Paw Patroller is the on-the-go command center for the Paw Patrol team. It’s a large, 18-wheeler version of The Lookout. This vehicle is used to transport the pups (plus Ryder, the team leader, and Robo-Dog, the driver of the Paw Patroller) to locations outside of Adventure Bay. Now, there will be a toy truck version of the Paw Patroller for kids to have their own on-the-go adventures.

The Paw Patroller Truck toy will hold six vehicles, although only three can be stored inside the Paw Patroller when it is closed. This will probably be tough for some kids who will want to transport all the pup’s vehicles during play. In the cab, there is seating for five pups which will probably cause concern for kids and parents alike since there are 7 pups. However, a work around is that Robodog, plus some of the pups, can be in the cab while the other pups can sit in their vehicles in the hauler.

My kids are looking forward to having the Paw Patroller hit the shelves and stay tuned for a more thorough review of the Paw Patroller! And check out my post about new Paw Patrol Everest toy and more Paw Patrol toys for 2015!

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  1. Hi! I was wondering if you knew a release date for the paw patroller truck? As well as where it will be sold? Thanks!

  2. Also, any other new toys?

  3. Charlene DeLoach says

    It is finally out now and you can find it at ToysRUs and Target!

  4. It’s a shame that they don’t produce enough of these new release toys as I now have a sad 4year old grandson who doesn’t get his wish from Santa. I can purchase it on eBay if I wish to pay over a hundred pounds for it and there are lots on there which is rather infuriating !!!!!!!

  5. Charlene DeLoach says

    They have plenty of them in the States at retailers like and Hopefully they can ship to you directly!

  6. Hi, do you know which pup toy interact with the paw patroller?

  7. Charlene DeLoach says

    They all do. The vehicles can be stored inside the truck. Ryder comes with it but the rest have to be purchased separately.


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