St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

Whether you are Irish or not, whether you can spell claddagh or you can’t, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can be fun, as well as good cultural exposure for your children. So here are some St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids of all ages.

If you have younger kids, here are some fun ways to spice up the day. You can do some or all, or pretend a Leprechaun visits during the night. Here is a good backstory:

Explain there are Irish elves called Leprechauns who love (chocolate) gold coins so much that if they don’t find them in the house on St. Patrick’s Day, they will get mad and leave things a mess. So you need to capture one!

Have the kids make a Leprechaun Trap to see if they can trap a Leprechaun. Here are a couple of ideas, but anything they can think up and imagine is always a great thing too. Just find empty coffee containers, empty cereal boxes, empty oatmeal jars or empty shoe boxes, construction paper, tape or glue, scissors, markers or crayons, stickers, etc. Then use items like fake gold (chocolate gold coins are good), lucky charms cereal or anything that would ‘lure the Leprechaun’ to the trap.

Set up the traps before the kids go to bed and while they are sleeping, leave evidence behind like green confetti, maybe muss up the house a bit (or more so than usual!) Open some kitchen drawers, and leave green napkins hanging out. Turn over a chair. Maybe even leave Leprechaun footprints. Color the toilet water green pretending it must be Leprechaun pee-pee. (Kids love that!) Then hide chocolate gold coins around the house. When the kids wake up, they will see the empty trap, but the fun ‘destruction’ (and chocolate) the Leprechauns left behind in their hasty escape!

Here are some other ‘Lucky 7″ activities to do on or before St. Patricks Day.

1. Serve green eggs for breakfast.

2. Pack a baggy of Lucky Charms cereal for the lunch box or as a fun snack.

3. Wear green of course!

4. Make a Leprechaun Hat.

5. Make rainbows of colored paper or draw them with colored markers or crayons. Or make shamrocks.

6. Play Irish Music in the house.

7. Make Irish Soda Bread or Irish cookies (flavored with mint as an extra touch!)

An as an FYI, leprechauns are not the only Irish elves…they have lesser-known cousins called Clurichauns that drink too much and will ruin your liquor cabinet if you get on their bad side! (But that is a post for another day.)


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