Six Toy Inspired Valentine’s Day Cards

As you can see in my post here, I love DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for the kids. It got me to thinking about how I could modify the existing ideas out there, with ideas of my own.

toy inspired valentines day cards

Since most of my ideas involve toys, I wondered how I could take some of the popular DIY Valentine’s Day Card printables and add a toy element to it from popular toy brands. I decided to start some of my favorite valentine’s printables and see what toys I could add.

Needless to say, most toys are more expensive than goldfish crackers or a lollipop, so this is probably not the best for school. However, if you are having a small Valentine’s Day party or want to do something fun and creative for your kids or nieces and nephews, here are some fun ideas:

1. I’m So Glad We’re in the Same School

hexbug fish valentine card idea

A personal favorite, but you can’t have candy or crackers, how about a robotic HEXBUG fish called the Aquabot! Follow the inspiration card from Etsy Store KudzuMonster. Instead of using Swedish fish or goldfish crackers, tuck in a HEXBUG robotic fish for about $8 a fish.


2. You’re the Fairy Best

pixie doodles fairies

This idea from already has a fairy attached, but why not step it up a notch with the new Pixie Doodles Fairies from Madame Alexander. Kids can decorate their own fairy’s outfit and then add the fairy message to their creation!


3. You’re my Lovebug

hexbug valentine nano idea

HEXBUG also has their popular Nano ‘bugs’. They are around $5 each. Though sometimes you can get a pack of five for $20 and can take them out of the package, and just tie one around a card in a similar style to the inspiration card from Dandee-Designs.


4. You’re Write for Me

crayon valentines day card alternative

Instead of plain crayons, why not pick up a Crayola Crayon Carver and add a special touch to crayons: Your child’s name who is giving the Valentine, the name of the child getting the valentine or just a hearts. Either way, a clever touch for about $18 for 14 specialized crayons. Then add a card or gift tag to the crayon with the saying for a custom Valentine.


5. You Color My World

color my world valentine card idea colorforms

Instead of crayons, think outside the box and take a look at Colorforms. There are travel versions for around $5. Add this custom saying in a similar fashion, as shown from, around the Colorform packet, and you have a functional and fun Valentine!


6. You’re One in a Minion

youre one in a minion valentines day card kids idea

Speaking of Colorforms, pick up a Minion-themed Colorforms travel kit for a fun alternative to the Valentine inspired by The Benson Street blog. Just add the saying around the outside of the Colorform instead of the Twinkie!


7. Our Class Would Knot Be The Same Without You

friendship bracelets valentines day card idea

Instead of buying pre-made friendship bracelets, follow the inspiration card from Dandee-Designs, then pick up either an Alex Brand Friendship Bracelet making kit from or a kit from Strand Bands – a modern take on traditional DIY friendship bracelets – for about $30 for 30 bracelets. Whichever you choose, have your kids make one for each friend for a custom and thoughtful Valentine!


Valentine’s Day can be fun and creative, so think ‘inside the toy box”!

Thanks for staying and reading my blog post!

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