Six No Candy Easter Hunt Egg Filler Ideas

If you love having Easter Egg Hunts for the Kids but need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. These are some totally different easter egg hunt ideas. If you need something other than candy to fill the balls of plastic, here are some no candy Easter Egg Filler ideas!

egg hunt ideas

Glow in the Dark

Have a night time hunt by placing glow-in-the-dark sticks (you can get a large pack of them on affiliate Amazon). Activate each stick and place in the egg. Close it up and hide them.

Puzzle Pieces

Instead of candy inside the egg, place a puzzle piece. The kids have to find all the eggs (and thus all the pieces) to create the puzzle. Be even more creative by creating your own puzzle. Perhaps have the puzzle be a picture of a toy they can get or a trip they will be taking!) If you have more than one kiddo looking for an egg, have the eggs color coded per puzzle. So child No. 1 looks only for pink eggs and child No. 2 looks only for blue eggs.

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Exercise Eggs

As an alternative to sweets, place an action inside each egg. Like jump in place for 10 seconds, before they can go and find the next egg. It is a good way to burn some energy on Easter!

Bracelet Pieces or Legos

In lieu of candy, have pieces of a charm bracelet so after your child finds all the pieces, they will have a piece of jewelry. Or have a small lego set that when all the eggs are found it forms a fun Lego creation.

Clue Eggs

Instead running around looking for eggs, have the kids have to solve the clue before looking for the next egg. For example, it can be simple as “Go to the Stairs” or “Go to the Swing Set” for younger kids, or more riddles for older kids “Go to where you like to sleep the most”.

Letter or Number Eggs

Have each egg filled with a letter that you have made on your own from cutouts or foam letters from the craft store. Then have the kids make a craft with it. For example, if they find all the letters of their name, they can make a sign for their bedroom door. Or perhaps it spells out a treat or a trip! Alternatively, number the eggs from 1-10 and kids have to find them in order. Or give them a math equation inside and they have to solve it to find the next egg!

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no candy egg filler ideas

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Do you have special things you fill your Easter Eggs with? Let others know in the comments!

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