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When you love toys and write for The Toy Insider about toys as I do, I am often asked, “What toys do you love giving the most to your kids?” However, my response is more about “What do my kids ask me for the most.”

Must Have: Play Figures

You’d think it would be robotics, building bricks or dolls, but in actuality, my kids always want mini-play figures. My home is filled with little men, women and creatures. What they love most are nature and farm animals. Whether it is playing farm with the sheep, teaching cows math, or putting the pigs in a toy car, they have a vivid imagination. With all of their various play creativity, they can be rough with their mini-characters. So I have found I need to get high quality toys to meet their play patterns. Over time, I have found that Schleich meets that on so many levels.

schleich review dinosaurs

Must Have: Safe Toys

All items and materials used in the Schleich products meet applicable national and international toy requirements. Material suppliers are subject to strict quality controls, and they particular attention to fair and socially acceptable working conditions. So when my kids play, they are playing with something that is not going to harm them – or others.

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Must Have: Quality Toys

Schleich is an 80 old company in Germany where they still paint their figures by hand. Each figure is lovingly detailed so you see the rippling of painted fur or the patterning of painted wool. The weight of the figures are substantial, meaning they have presence. These are not going to fall over because they are hollow, lightweight or have poor-poured legs. You can see, from this image here, the difference between generic and Schleich. The Schleich dog is on the left and the other brand is on the right.

Thus, while at times it is easy to grab any toy cow or pig you see, consider the extra benefits you see when selecting Schleich!

Must Have: Developmentally Appropriate

Schleich understands the needs of children in various developmental stages. They make animals for the Farm World and Wild Life lines for children 3-8 years old to help foster their imagination, learn about the environment and develop empathy for animals. For older children, dinosaurs and horses with more robust and finer details help expand their collectible desires and more vivid imaginations. Schleich also has licensed characters from movies and comics, fantasy subjects and mystical worlds for grownup fans and collectors. I recently saw these stunning Unicorns at the North American Toy Fair in New York City. I could totally see these as lovely decor in a themed bedroom or even on a work desk for inspiration.

schleich review unicorns

Must Have: The Right Toy

When kids have mini-play figures that are substantial, well designed, and represents the character, they have enhanced play. They feel like they are role playing with the pig or roaring as a dinosaur. When I saw the stunningly painted unicorns, it invoked feeling of magic and mystical lands. Kids feel the magic too of every Schleich figure they play with. Plus, more realistic figures helps children relate better to the object and thus the actual animal they may see in the wild, aquarium or zoo. It may even inspire them to become veternarians, movie producers for the next Dinosaur blockbuster, animal trainers or zookeepers.

schleich review animals

Must Have: Multi-Functional Toy

While Schleich is great for at home play, it is also a great toy to take on the go. Back in 2016, I even appeared on NECN to talk about great travel toys and mentioned Schleich as some of my favorite travel toys to tuck into a bag for play in restaurants, planes, cars and at your final destination. Schleich figures enable kids to use their imagination and thus packs a large play punch while being small to pack for play.

They are also great for Easter Egg hunts. Instead of hiding eggs, hide the animals! Or tuck Schleich ducks and sheep into Easter Baskets instead of sugary peeps.

Want to see some of my newest and most fun Schleich products on the market? Check out my {affiliate} Amazon shopping list with my favorites.

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