Happy Noon Year! New Year’s Eve Ideas For Kids

As parents, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is not as glamorous, fun or fabulous as it used to be. However, it can be. Plan some fun with the kids, and bring back the spirit of this holiday.

new years eve activities ideas for kids

New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids

Cute idea to help kids celebrate New Year’s Eve is to fill each bag with a fun activity or snack and open one bag every hour till midnight (or bedtime). Head to the local party store and you can find little trinkets, or tuck some chocolate or bags of chips into the bags from the grocery store.

If you want a bit less work, blow up balloons; one for every hour. Kids can then pop their way into the new year! (Make sure they don’t get scared from the popping!)

I like this idea for kids to reflect on the past year. Older kids can fill it out themselves or ask the younger ones the question and fill out for them. It is something to do and a great keepsake.

Another idea is to take a picture. Have your child hold a sign that has their favorite thing from the past year or hope for the new year.

If you want more activities and crafts to do during the day and evening, I like this bingo idea. Especially with the marshmallows!

This noise maker craft is fun, and a great way to celebrate whatever time you decide ‘midnight’ is!

I like this craft too. It is one of my favorite New Year’s Eve ideas for kids. Not only are you creating a countdown clock of sorts, but it gets them into the act of making it. Plus, it is a great way to practice writing numbers! Younger kids can easily glue on decorations.

Have fun with food too. Take pizza dough and let your kids roll in into the year (literally!!) Then they can decorate the pizza too. Fun way to keep them occupied and have fun with dinner! Yummy!

Check out all the other Pinterest ideas here!

Happy New Year everyone!

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