Mini Marathon Monday

Today is “Marathon Monday” in Boston, which I am very familiar with (after running 5 of them). If you can get out to the marathon route with the kids, it can be a fun experience to share. Before you go, get them into the fun by making big signs to cheer the runners. Just pack plenty of sunscreen, water and snacks to keep everyone happy on the sidelines. There are plenty of porta-potties, so no worries there, but just be respectful of the runners who may need to use them too. (I do suggest bringing some hand sanitizer and toilet paper-just in case they run out.)

If you can’t make it to the actual marathon route, there are still opportunities to get the kids involved. Have them watch some of the coverage on TV. They can make signs to cheer the runners in the family room. Maybe even have them run their own “marathon”. You can select a ‘route’ that could just be the length of the driveway or to the next lamp post on the sidewalk. If you can, video tape it and show it on your TV for their own race coverage. For lunch, serve some pasta for “carb-loading”, which most marathon runners do before a big race.

All in all, have fun and perhaps use it as an opportunity to talk about fitness and being active.


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  1. So is this the day of the Boston Marathon? I heard someone else say something about “Marathon Monday” this morning and was wondering what that meant. I had no idea that the marathon was such a big event. I’m still learning how things work around here.

    Great tips. Wish I wasn’t working so that I could use them. 🙂

  2. Jessie Heuchler says:

    We did the same thing (mini-marathon) with our toddler when our local marathon was going on. Our neighbors set up a cul-de-sac course for the under-five set, and we put up lawnchairs for grandparents to sit in as they cheered the kids on. The older kids made a great big multi-color finish sign and held streamers for the toddlers to break through when they finished the race. It was too cute to be true! I think we had more fun than we’d ever had at the “big” marathons! Great idea!

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