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The JJ Cole Baby Carrier was one of the many baby carrier that I tried when baby wearing my second child. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say that I survived that first year of her life, while chasing a 3 year old son simultaneously, because of baby wearing.

jj cole medley baby carrier copyThere are a LOT of baby carriers out there; mainstream and easy to find. Even in one brand alone, there are often many models, fabrics and designs from which to choose. What I found to be most important is the flexibility a carrier would give me as my daughter grew. Not only physically but mentally as I didn’t know what she would prefer (and I needed her to be in there and thus be happy while doing so!)

The JJ Cole Medley Baby Carrier was one brand that I really liked. The price point of $65 (though a smidge cheaper on Amazon) was one of the best out there. Plus it had 3-positions: face-in, seat extended, and face-out. They often include a removable machine-washable carrier cover to stylishly protect your carrier and an optional seat extender to create a wider seat for baby.

There are no straps between you and your baby so it makes it easy to breastfeed. It is not for back wearing, but as I often found it really hard to wear her on my back when I didn’t have anyone to help me get her there most of the time, so it was easier to do front carry. Plus, it didn’t strain my back as much. The padded waist strap helped too.

I love it so much that I want one of you to be able to experience it! Follow the prompts on the form (and thanks in advance for support my blog) and one will win (color and style may vary.) Check out all my giveaways here too!


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