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PBS Kids has shared some resources for families who are looking for guidance on how to discuss news stories with their children, grandchildren, etc.

While most kids are online, it is even more of an issue for younger children with remote learning. In the past, they are often not exposed. Yet, I know in our family, the frequent – watch this YouTube video on how to do fractions – is accompanied by ads and videos in the sidebar. These popups are often related to current events out of our control.

Many parents don’t allow their children on social media or don’t watch the news in their presence. (I only read the news on my phone so they cannot watch the news inadvertently). Yet kids are getting exposed anyway.

Between riots, police brutality, COVID-19, and other crisis events in the world, how can we discuss these events with them?

PBS shared these three resources to help. It may not be right for your family or your children. However, it’s a start to help you figure out the best way to tackle the conversations that are right for your situation.



  • A lesson on resilience with Arthur. What can you say to kids when upsetting events occur? This list of resources, activities, and videos from Arthur will help kids build resilience and help parents cope as well!


Check out for other parenting resources.

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