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There was a lot of hoopla when Kim Kardashian was first was spotted with a painted Hermès bag in 2014. The bag was painted by her one year old and the world let out a collective gasp! However, there are some facts to consider about the whole deal that may actually give you an idea for an upcoming birthday or holiday present.

First, it was reported she was walking around with a painted Birkin. It was not a Birkin, but a Herbag. Which is completely different altogether, which I’ll cover in another post. However, you can find Herbags on resale sites for around $700-$1000. In the realm of celebrities, that is, well, not expensive. So if you were going to take the risk of having your one-year-old paint a designer bag, it is not a $12,000 Birkin (resale or not.) Yet, it’s still a Hermès, so it doesn’t dilute the luxe factor.

I personally loved the idea. Kim is a HUGE Hermès fan from what I can tell and having a Hermes bag painted by her first born is a nice gesture and memory. Now, if you can’t find a resale Hermès Herbag of your own for a similar DIY project, then don’t despair, head to your local luxury consignment shop and see what designer bag you can find that may be suitable for a great piece of kid art. Or head to stores like Kohls, Target or Walmart and find a bag. Then get some paint suitable for the surface (canvas, leather, etc.) at your local craft store, and then let your kids go to town, or have your partner guide them with handprints.

Painted handbags may be great gifts for an elegant grandmother, or for a trendy mother for mother’s day or the holidays. Thanks to the Kardashian klan for the idea!

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