Need outfit ideas or an outfit planner? Wondering what to wear today or tomorrow or how to pick an outfit? Whether you wonder what to wear with black leggings or what to wear with a white shirt, I have some tips to share to make putting together an outfit easy!

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Step One: Put Together an Outfit Planner

Put together a document of some of your favorite outfits. Search Pinterest or your favorite websites like Stitch Fix or InStyle. I even like the outfit suggestions on Once you have your favorites, clip and paste the images into a word document and then print out.

Step Two: Print Out Outfit Ideas

Print the document with the outfit images on it. Print onto heavy cardstock paper. (I highly recommend this brand of paper from affiliate Amazon.) You may need to print more than one copy, and you will see why in a moment. After printing the document out, use scissors to cut out each outfit and then punch a hole in the top.

Step Three: Put Onto Hangers

Put each outfit idea onto the hanger containing the article of clothing for which you would want the outfit idea. For example, let’s say you have this outfit printed.

Hang that outfit planner image on the hanger of your black skinny jeans, and on the hanger of your black and white striped shirt, and on the hanger of your green vest. (Remember when I said you may need more than one copy?) So when you reach for those skinny jeans or shirt, you immediately have an outfit suggestion at your, literal, fingertips.

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Just hook the hanger through the hole you punched out at the top of the paper. It will drape over the hanger. Note, however, that you may end up having more than one image on your hanger. Why? Because you may have more than one outfit idea for your skinny jeans – like an skinny jeans outfit paired with red shoes or one with a leopard print shirt.

Step Four: Extra Outfits

If you have more than three outfit ideas on an hanger, I suggest doing the following. Take a 8×11 piece of card stock paper. Glue or tape all the outfit idea images for that article of clothing onto that paper. Punch a hole on top. Then take an empty hanger and hook the paper through the hole. Place this hanger next to the article of clothing in question – e.g. all your skinny jeans. This way you can see all the outfit planner images at one glance.

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You can also do this (minus the hanger) for drawers where you might have folded sweaters or scarfs. (Yes – do this for some of your accessories! Like that red scarf or green choker.) For shoes, place the outfit idea cutout into one of the pairs of shoes. When you want to wear those bright blue booties, pull out the outfit image, and put back into place when you put away your shoes.

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Hope this outfit planner idea helps you rock that closet and get dressed like pro!

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