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Recently we went on an urban jungle adventure, thanks to UGG Australia who provided our footwear and our passes to the zoo. It truly was a #LetsGetLost adventure starting with the trek into Boston with two kids.

Two kids, early on a Saturday, going to a store. It doesn’t matter that it is the coolest store on the coolest shopping block in Boston. Nope. The kiddos could have cared less. They wanted the zoo. So we had to explain that we needed special “zoo shoes” and if we didn’t wear them, then the animals wouldn’t want to see us in our old shoes. It seemed to work because I managed to get them to try on shoes and find some that fit and they liked.

Especially my 10 month old who cried when we had to put her new pink sparkly UGGs into a bag. The sales staff thought it was hilarious how much she was enthralled with her UGGs. My son loved his shoes but less so from a fashion standpoint. He just knew they would get him to the zoo. I love them because they had great style but in a classic way.

Kid UGGs

My husband loved his new shoes too. They looked like classy sneakers, which is a huge step up from his standard jeans and running shoes combo. Which is hilarious since he doesn’t run. So with these UGGs, he still has great comfort, but with class pizazz.
UGGs for men
I think that is what surprised me the most about the product selection at the UGG Australia boutique on Newbury Street in Boston, is that there are so many non-UGG Uggs. In other words, they have their standard UGG boots, slippers and moccasins, but they also have wedges, kid shoes, espadrilles, flip flops, booties, sneakers, ballet flats, boat shoes, and more. There is so much more than just the super-comfy-feels-like-you-are-walking-on-a-cloud UGG boots. (Though if you don’t own a pair, where have you been? Remember? Like walking on a cloud?)

UGG Collage

In fact, I loved the women’s selection of shoes, I couldn’t make up my mind between these three pairs.

UGG Womens Shoes

I finally choose the mint-green pair because of the fun on-trend spring/summer color, and, at last, we completed the first half of our #letsgetlost UGG Australia family adventure in the urban jungle of Boston (especially when it came to the parallel parking!)

We headed off to the zoo where we changed into our UGGs. Or as my son called them, “the magical zoo shoes”. We walked around everywhere at the Zoo. Well, more like ran, since to keep up with our three year old requires marathon training.
uggs for kids
Once he realized there was more than just animals, we spent most of our time on plastic jungle creatures like swings, motorized trains and jeeps, and zoo animals that went around in circles (aka the carousel).

UGGs Lets Get Lost 2

We did see real zebras, tigers and lions too.

UGG Lets Get Lost 2

And trust me when I say that the UGG’s did not slow us down. We kept up our running pace as did the kids. The comfort factor was huge, but I loved when I got a positive comments on the color of my shoes and a couple of inquiries on where I got them.

So did we get lost in our urban jungle UGG Australia adventure? Actually, yes. My iPhone died and we had no idea how to get home since the GPS system was on my phone. So we put up our UGG Australia clad feet in the car, and had a snack while we waited for the phone to power up. Once it did, we said adieu to our family adventure and headed home after a super fun day in the Boston outback, looking super styled in our UGG footwear in the process.

Now, we are just waiting for our next weekend UGG adventure!
UGG Australia


Image Credit: My own. All Rights Reserved.
Disclosure: My family received complimentary admission to the zoo and UGG shoes, and we had a blast.


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