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Personally, I hate the idea of traditional childbirth education classes. While I want information about childbirth options, risks, and techniques, the idea of getting the details in front of strangers is a little…weird to me.

It works for others. Don’t get me wrong. Obviously, because thousands of people take such classes every year in the U.S. But for me, the idea of my husband and I breathing heavy in a room with other couples we have never met, is a bit…err….awkward.

So I read a lot of books during my first pregnancy. It worked, but after the fact, I wish I could’ve watched a little video (other than ‘The Baby Story’ on TLC, as fabulous as it was) or had gotten a little more perspective without all the strange “whoo, whoo, eeee, eeee” breathing techniques.

Roll in the second pregnancy. Even if I wanted to attend a childbirth education class this time around, the logistics make it nearly impossible; spending a whole weekend in a class takes precious time away from our toddler, and the once-a-week classes requires a babysitter (and racks up more expenses.)

So when I heard that a company called Isis Parenting offers an online childbirth education class, I wondered if this may be the solution? Could I get the information I need, in my own time, without all the public belly exposure?

Isis gave me a complimentary trial to Understanding Birth eClass by InJoy Online Education, so I could check it out and here are my thoughts.

I loved the fact that my husband and I could log into the online class, at our own time and pace. If our son went to bed on time and without a fuss, we would boot up the laptop, snuggle in the couch and log-in. If we both had a hectic day or our toddler threw a fit well past 10pm, we went to bed. It would still be there tomorrow.

If we went through a chapter, but wanted to go back to it again, we could. It wasn’t a “pay attention now because we won’t be discussing this again” moment. Which works great for my husband whose mind wanders to the playoff game he is missing. Or myself, who seems to have developed a pregnancy-induced attention disorder (Did I feed the dog? Crap, I need to order diapers! Hmm, should I get the solid pink curtains or the polka dot ones….)

There were videos, but we could watch them or not. My husband chose not to watch the “pushing” videos. Actually, I’m not sure why I watch them either as I don’t watch myself push, so why am I staring at a strangers cooch with a head coming out of it? But I guess it is better to know what is happening down there, and it’s nice there are watch/non-watch options.

The online class also covers everything; stories from other people, issues you face in being generally pregnant (aches and pains, cravings, moodiness, moodiness, moodiness…wait that’s just me), medical information, pain management techniques and options. Even post-partum concerns were included, such as caring for a new baby and signs of depression.

The class costs $159 (as of 5/1/12), and you have unlimited access for 60 days.

I think it is a great option for everyone who is expecting. Even if you take an in-person class, this is a fabulous way to supplement or re-enforce the information you learned in class. It’s great for Moms-to-be who are on bed rest, busy women who can’t take the time for an in-person class because of work-shift issues, travel, or long hours. Maybe you are single, have non-traditional family arrangements or cultural concerns about being in a public setting. Or maybe you are like me, and aren’t sold on the public breathing thing-y.

So check it out. If you end up taking the online class, come back and let me know what you think!


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  1. What a great idea! I would definitely have done this if I had known about it last year. I hated having to go to class at the hospital one night per week for 6 weeks straight. It became more of a chore after the first few classes. Did the online course talk about VBACs and c-sections at all?

  2. It did have a section on CS.

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