On the 11th Day of Charlene Chronicles…

Technically, I am getting out of writing the post for this, because Magic Beans has beat me to it. Then again, they should have because they are selling this totally cool toy.

I went to an event recently where I got a $50 Magic Ticket to spend on anything in Magic Beans. You would think that I would have blown through that in a matter of minutes…no…make that seconds. Totally fabulous toys like Playmobil, Legos and more. Yet, I stood there not sure what to buy my 13 month old. Would he like this? What about that? Could I see him playing with this? Is that better?

Yes, at a complete loss.

Along comes Sheri, the owner of Magic Beans. I felt like a teenager who is gaga over Justin Bieber. I probably, embarrassingly so, was giddy chatting with her. How often to you meet a woman who has built an award winning business with her husband?

Past the star struck look I had, she must have also seen panic in my eyes and steered me to a new product called Happyland Martian Moonhouse. It was high on the shelf and as she pulled it down, I could see my son playing with this unique toy. The colors, the coolness, the play factor, and the quality were all there.

I could go on and on about it, but like I said, Magic Beans rightfully beat me to it. So check out their blog, “Spilling the Beans” and read the fabulous review of the Happyland Martian Moonhouse.

Because if you have that panicked look in your eyes, this may be your ‘magic’ ticket too.


Image Credit: Magic Beans

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