Slick and Sick: New Sick Bricks

The new Sick Bricks are launching March 12, 2015 in the US and in February in Canada, and they are sick, man! (Okay, I can’t really pull that off) but that is the gist of Sick Bricks, and the best way to describe these Sick Bricks is that they are like Lego, Minecraft, and Skylanders had a menage-a-trois that resulted in Sick Bricks.

They come in packs of various sizes, and they are like mini-play bricks. They stack on a brick base, and the head is bricked on top of the body bottom. There is also a tool that each Sick Brick uses, that you can swap from one side to the other. Then the idea is that you can create your own creations – swap the head on one and place the body on the other, or swap tools, swap bases, and more. You can just enjoy playing with them that way or playing with them with your other brick toys.

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But where these really come into play is using the free app (available for all devices). You can scan your Sick Brick creation, or the original SickBrick configuration, using the device’s camera, and you can start playing your character in the game. There are areas within the game that each character lives and they can travel to each location to engage with each other. The general gist it that they are fighting to take back Sick City.

For the launch, there will be 22 Sick Bricks characters that you can collect. I’m excited for the official launch and getting a whole bunch of SickBricks to play with!

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