As a Mom that combines breastfeeding and formula feeding, I am always concerned when I hear about formula issues. Never more so when I heard about the arsenic concerns in Nature’s One Baby’s Only Organic Formula. Yet, I was relieved to hear the issue was resolved this fall when Consumer Reports ran an article on how the company reworked it product and suppliers to address the Nature’s One Formula arsenic concerns. However, in that announcement, the company stated it only applied to its formula with certain use-by-dates:

When we tested the new versions of the two dairy formulas, the levels were either undetectable or nearly so. The company says its new formulation has use-by dates of January 2014 (Dairy with DHA & ARA), July 2015 (Dairy), or later.” (Emphasis added.)

So imagine my surprise when I turned over the can of Nature’s One Baby’s Only Formula that I had just ordered from with an expiration date of October 2013!

Formula Can

I immediately called but they stated there was nothing they could do about it since there was no recall. I stated I wasn’t looking for them to pull the product from the shelves as WholeFoods did. However, I felt that should have a disclaimer on its website stating that it cannot guarantee that we would receive Nature’s One Baby’s Only formula with use-by-dates as the company stated. There should be some sort of transparency!

So buyer beware!! And if you find that you do not want your baby to consume such formula, contact and ask for a free shipping label to return the product! And hopefully and Nature’s Only provide more information to consumers.


Update: I tweeted this post & responded with the following. 



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  1. Hi, I just received an expired formula package from I ordered it on Feb 2013 and it expired on Sept 2012.

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