When you take off your makeup at night, do you wonder what you put back on? If you use Make-up wipes, do you wonder if you are wiping more on to your skin than you are wiping off? Natracare Makeup Remover Wipes aim to keep it clean.

natracare makeup removal wipes review

You could be putting more chemicals on your skin from your makeup wipe than you put on in your makeup. While chemicals are not necessarily bad, in and of themselves, there are some ingredients that are known to be potentially harmful, like formaldehyde, foaming ingredients and synthetic fragrances, which are a concern to scientists. So why would you want them in a makeup wipe product, and then on your skin, when you are trying to get your skin clean and natural before the end of the day?

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When Natracare reached out to me to try complimentary samples of their make-up removal wipes, I was interested in learning more. While I’m still in search for a makeup wipe that actually removes my stubborn mascara, I also like using wipes for my kids for the nights they don’t take a bath. I still want to clean their faces, neck and behind their ears, but they are too young to traditional soap and water at the sink. So a quick wipe down gets their faces clean quickly before bed.

Natural Makeup Wipes

What interested me in Natracare wipes is this video they had, which shows the traditional ingredients in makeup remover vs. what they have in their makeup remover wipes. After watching the video and reading the materials, I loved how they are COSMOS certified organic and have essential oils like almond, apricot and camomile. Plus, they are 100% organic cloth (I never even considered what cloth is made from so this is a pleasant surprise) and have a total of 99.6% of natural ingredients, of which 20% are organic, and are Vegetarian Society approved and suitable for Vegans.

Sounds like a great product, but what about the brand itself? Natracare has been in the market since 1989 when they introduced feminine products in direct response to the synthetics and toxins in conventional tampons and pads. (Interesting side note, since those are organic, they have not been shown to cause Toxic Shock Syndrome like traditional tampons.)

So between the background of the brand and the goal of their new makeup remover wipes, I decided to try them and share my experience.

I didn’t find that they removed my mascara very well (I current wear L’Oreal Voluminous). Though I did find it removed my foundation, blush and lipstick, so that was good. I liked the smell – it wasn’t sticky sweet, perfume-y, or chemically. A nice fresh, spa-like scent. However, I did find my skin tingled after using them. Not necessarily in a pleasant way either. After the tingling sensation faded, my skin did feel clean and fresh. I’ll have to try it for a longer period of time to see if it is a personal keeper (and I may have to change my mascara brand!) As for the kids, I tried it on them. They had no negative reactions and I felt good that they had clean faces before bed time. The size of the wipe is a generous size so it is easy to use and handle. It is also a nice thickness.

I especially think these will be great in the summer – putting a package of Natracare Makeup Removal Wipes in the fridge and using them to wipe off the sweat and grime of the summer while being super refreshing!

Anyway, I can’t necessarily recommend them or not recommend them. I love the story, the ‘natural’ aspect of the product and the commitment to quality ingredients, but it didn’t remove my mascara as I had hoped and not sure about the tingling I am experiencing (and if that is good or bad). Thus, I can only recommend that you give them a try if you are concerned about what you are wiping on your skin when you are wiping off your makeup. And frankly, after watching the Natracare video, you will probably be concerned (I was!) So give them a shot and see if they remove the brand of makeup you wear and if you see good results! If it does, then you know you have a great product in your hands in my opinion. Plus, if you are looking for something to quickly clean little kiddos faces, it does the trick, and without extra worry about what added ingredients are in the product.

You can find them at organic stores like Whole Foods. While the retail price varies, you can also find them on Amazon for about $10 for a package of 20 cloths.

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