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Moms nite out copyWhy do you need a Moms Night Out? Whether it is watching the Moms Night Out Movie, joining at National Moms Nite Celebration near you or planning a Moms Night Out with friends, there are lot of ways to get a night away from the Mom responsibilities that we all face

If you’re on Twitter, follow the hashtags #NMNO14 and #MNOMovie. Check out the National Moms Nite Out website for local events near you! Or head to the Moms Night Out Movie website to find showtimes for the movie in your area.

Let’s face it. Whether you have toddlers or teens, a day can seem never ending, as much as we love our sons and daughters. Especially when you have days like these!

So, we know we need to have a Moms Nite Out (especially on the National Moms Nite Out on May 8th), but how do you have one, at any time of the year? Here are some Moms Night Out Ideas!

1. Head to your local store and grabs fun nail polish colors, bags of chocolate and fashion magazines. Had some close friends over and have fun talking about trends and getting mini-manis. Don’t want to be at home? Many salons have discounts for groups for a night of pampering.
2. Dinner at a local restaurant is a great way to rewind and recharge with your besties.
3. Let’s face it. Even when we are away from our kids, we talk about them all the time. Invite friends over and ask them to bring an album and photos and have a scrapbooking party. Cross off a to-do list item and have fun in the process!
4. Make plans to see the Moms Night Out Movie with friends and order popcorn. The calories won’t count on your night out. (Wink)

In all sincerity though, it is important for parents to get a break from time to time. By doing so, you recharge your batteries and can come back, even after a couple of quiet hours, ready to parent with passion!!

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