There are ten baby items I wish I had known I would need before I had my baby.  Many of my picks are not found in the big chain baby registry stores, which is why I never came across them for my baby registry.  But since my baby has been born, these are products that I have heard about, seen or have been recommended to me.  So if you are a mom-to-be or are shopping for a preggo friend or relative and want to show your baby savvy, here are my top unique registry items that I wished I had known about – before the baby arrived!

1. A Sleepmate Sound Machine (suggested website:

A sound that is similar to the womb but is continuous play (on/off switch with volume).  No stopping after 20 minutes like other products. So if the baby wakes in the middle of the night, the sound is consistent.  Also masks noises in the house.

2. Bink Link (suggested website:

A cute product that prevents pacifiers from falling on the floor or getting lost. The texture is also intriguing for baby’s hands.

3. Physio Ball (suggested website:

Great to bounce with the baby to help with fussiness and doubles as a workout tool.

4. A Humidifier (suggested website:
A must for winter months and keeps baby’s lungs and skin moist. This is a cute one, but any humidifier will do.
5. Bebe au lait nursing covers (suggested website:
A must have for most breastfeeding moms because you will soon realize that there are many times you will have to breastfeed in public.  This is a stylish way to cover up if you are so inclined.

6. Convertible Rail Covers (suggested website:
While not necessary right away, you will be amazed at how time flies and you will soon have a baby with teeth who wants to entertain his or herself.  If you have a convertible crib, you may want it to last and these fit that style of crib well.

7. Slings (suggested website:
There are so many styles out there with pros and cons for each.  My personal favorites are the beco butterfly baby carrier, hotslings and the ergo.

8. Black and White Photographs/Book or Decals (suggested website:
Little babies only see in black and white to start so this is a great product to keep them entertained at the doctor’s office or on the changing table.

9. Sheet Savers (suggested website:
The first night our baby spit up, I realized how hard it was to take the sheets off! So this enabled me to protect the sheets (less washing) and enabled me to easily remove the soiled fabric to throw in the wash. (get more than one!)

10. Twilight Turtle (suggested website:
Beautiful addition to nursery decor and the stars that shine on the ceiling are cute, but it will help you see in the dark for those 2am feedings.  Other alternatives include an auto-sensing night light or a dimmer switch.

I hope this helps you add to your list or to buy for that special person!

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