As I mentioned in a previous post, our family has been really sick this past weekend. When Monday came around, I realized it was my second wedding anniversary and I did not have a card.

I felt even more sick.

In my mind, I was determined to give my husband a card on our anniversary and not just for our anniversary. Would he have cared either way? No, he is a guy and he knew how sick I was. Yet, I felt that if I could not put some effort into a card on our anniversary, it somehow would be reflective of the marriage. With a sick baby and no energy to fight my way to a Hallmark store, I had to make a card. So I searched high and low in the house.  Did I have construction paper? No. Did I have markers? No. Did I have glitter or paints. No. Apparently, the only supplies I had on hand were computer paper, some ribbon from a project I did in the nursery, broken crayons and a few Sharpie pens.

This is the result of my homemade anniversary card.

The scribbles and dirty finger prints from his snack are from my 10 month old. The saying I made up on the fly.

The result? He loved it.

So the Happily-Ever-After-Moral-of-the-Story is: parenting can be rough. Sick kids, running ragged, you name it. But the little things that you can do for your partner, are special and worthy of your time. You don’t even have to wait for an anniversary to show it! But if you would like some more unique card ideas, check out this post.

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