I recently heard there will be over 3000 people at BlogHer this year.

In case you missed it.  T.H.R.E.E ……T.H.O.U.S.A.N.D!

Holy #$%&!

That’s a lot of peeps.

The only event I have ever been at, that had that many people, is a Marathon.  At those, on average, there are over 20,000 people.  For anyone who has ever run a marathon, you know how crazy the Athlete Village, Starting Corrals, and Porta Potties can be. (See the above photo.)

I have run 7 marathons and have learned some strategies over the years, so I am going to treat BlogHer as my own “BlogHer” Marathon (minus the medal at the end, but probably a lot of swag). I’m pretty sure I will still have the pulled hamstrings and sore quads.

First, the ‘Athlete Village’ will be the Expo Area, the ‘Starting Corrals’ the Hotel Lobby and the ‘Porta Potties’…well, every public bathroom at the hotel.

Second, I will not use the public bathrooms and probably will head up to my room. There, I pretty much know that there is still toilet paper available. So I am thankful not to be pregnant and thus have no choice. I just hope I don’t lose my room key.

Third, I will bring water and snacks. With that many people, just getting from one end of the hotel to my room probably will require carb replacement.

Forth, I am expecting a lot of noise, which means I probably will not hear too much. Thus, I will probably keep asking the unfortunate person standing next to me, “What did they say?”. I will also use the strategy of just following around the runner, I mean blogger, who looks like they have (a) expertise and (b) knows what the hell is going on.

Fifth, I will probably be sore at the end of each day from walking and carrying around my bag that probably will get heavier with the swag/samples everyone keeps talking about. So I am going to be stopping by a related booth for samples to counteract the other samples that is causing the pain resulting in said sample. (Did ya get that?) Better yet, someone tweet me if you stumble upon free massages. Bonus if it is a foot massage.

Sixth, I will be counting on adrenaline to get me through it all.

Seven, I just hope I don’t have this happen to me when there is a stampede to some swaggy thingy.

And lastly, I am looking forward to meeting my fellow teammates at a great event.

See you in San Diego!

{Note: I revived and revised this post from last year, when I attended my first BlogHer. I survived & soon my number of blogging conferences may match my number of marathons.}


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