Must Have Wardrobe Essential Pieces

As you kick off the holiday season, kick off a new, functional wardrobe too. As Moms, there are not many pieces we need on a daily basis (unless you are a working Mom.) Otherwise, life at home is simple….well, in terms of wardrobe needs anyway!

Clean out your closet and either donate or consign pieces you don’t wear. Then see if you have these pieces in your existing collection. For the ones you need, take advantage of sales to fill in the gaps.

The jewelry can either be gold or silver, depending on your skin tone, but should contain hoops and studs. A pair of diamond stud earrings would be a bonus. And remember, these are the basics. From here, you can add a more colorful scarf, a pair of boots, a bright tank, etc. But at least it is a starting point:

must have wardrobe essentials for Moms Charlene Chronicles

Must Have Wardrobe Essentials:


  1. Black Leggings
  2. Dark Denim Skinny Jeans
  3. Black Skirt (Pencil, A-line, long or short-depending on your preference.)


  1. Black Blazer
  2. Denim Tunic Shirt (make sure lighter than your jeans above.)
  3. White Tunic Shirt (so can wear with leggings)
  4. Black Tunic Shirt (same as above)
  5. (Optional: Colorful Tunic)


  1. Pearl Studs
  2. Hoops
  3. Knot Earrings
  4. Long Necklace
  5. Printed Black and White Scarf
  6. Black Scarf
  7. (Optional: Choker and/or colorful scarf)


  1. Black Flats
  2. Leopard Print Flats
  3. Navy Sneakers
  4. (Optional: Boots)


  1. Black Clutch
  2. Tan Bag
  3. (Optional: Red Purse)


  1. Black and White Shirt
  2. Black Tank
  3. White Tank
  4. (Optional: Color)


What must have wardrobe essential pieces would you add to the list?

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  1. Great list of basics – I definitely need to clean out my closet – too many things in there that I never wear. I like the clean look of what you have put together – thanks!

  2. Charlene DeLoach says

    We should have a closet cleaning party together!

  3. a red quilted vest and a sweater

  4. Casey St.louis says

    Definitely tall black boots

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