The hair savor.

There is one hair product I have been using for quite some time. Since the fall of 2009 actually. Strangely, I was on the cutting edge of this one, as I was using it before anyone had heard of it before. Yet, it is becoming popular, being stocked in more places, featured in magazines, and getting chatted up everywhere. So the secret is out and I had to share this cool product, during Charlene Chronicles’s Beauty and Fashion Week of course. I mean, we have chatted about great skin, fabulous makeup, beautiful outfits and accessories. But the crowning glory (non pun intended) is on the top of our head.

It is called Moroccan Oil.

Now, this the brand I use. I specify it because there are a lot of other brands out there, and this is supposedly the first marketed Moroccan oil, the original if you will. Now they have even more products under the line. Everything from the oil to shampoos, conditioners and other styling products.

For those of us that hair parched hair, this product (per their website claims) revives hair, strengthens and conditions, and reduces drying time. All I can say is that it makes my hair look less frizzy, feel softer, and easy to style. My trifecta.

They also have a lighter oil for folks with lighter and thinner hair, but since I have neither of those, I can’t comment personally. I have only heard rave reviews from friends that have such tresses.

All in all, it is a hot product. You can find it in specialty salons or online at You can read about it in these magazine articles. They even have a travel version, which is great because frankly, I can’t leave home without it.

All in all, it rounds out my daily routine and it is a ‘must beauty have’ on my list.


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  1. I use this religiously. I apply it on my wet hair when I’m going curly and I use it after I have flat-ironed on my dry hair.

  2. Love it!!!!! I use the “intense curl cream” and was introduced to it all at Jaie Stuart in Medfield in 08! YUMMINESS for my curls!

  3. can’t seem to find it on 🙁

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