I desperately needed a new winter coat. The North Face jacket I bought a few years ago just doesn’t fit after having a couple kids. While my weight is the same, my hips will never be the same. So I needed to find a puffer coat that was warm, and shapely to fit my hour glass figure. After searching many sites, I kept coming back to two brands that seems to fit my fashion vs. warmth need: Moncler vs. Mackage.

Mackage is a Canadian brand while Moncler is a French brand. Both are known for their puffer jackets and keeping the wearers warm. Both are also known in the fashion world as providing coats that are stylish (despite the fact that puffer coats are notorious for making you look like a marshmallow.)

Celebrities sport both brands, though on many forums, users did not like the ‘shiny, garbage bag look’ that Moncler is known for. However, there are many Moncler styles are the market that avoid the trash trend. I noticed that Moncler styles were flying off the internet shelves. If I put one in my online shopping cart and then went to change one of my kids’ diapers, when I came back, it was already sold out. Happened to me on more than one occasion! But finally, I found a Moncler Flamme Down Coat and a Mackage Brigid Knit-Trimmed Down Coat, in stock and in my size. I ordered both jackets online and had them delivered.

Moncler vs. Mackage

I liked both with some notable differences between the two. While each brand has different ‘styles’ I think this is a good representation of what each brand offers. Moncler’s coat is warm while being lightweight. I truly felt like I was not wearing a coat, but when I took it off, I realized how much warmer I was when wearing it. So it does deliver in that department.

Moncler has a great hourglass shape so I could move in the coat. I could bend over, squat down and not feel like the zipper was being pulled around my hips. It is a great coat for curvy women. (Why brands make coats thinking all of us are stick people, I will just never understand.) The Mackage coat had a similar hourglass shape so it was the same in comfort department though I think that the Moncler’s bottom half was a smidge more accommodating/bigger. The Mackage coat was definitely toasty too! However, it was a lot more bulky than the Moncler so I really felt like I was wearing a winter coat. That was a downside. At this point the Moncler score wass 2 vs Mackage 0.

However, the Mackage definitely had more style. The hood and framing around the face was an extra flair. There was even the same fabric around the wrists. The off-center zipper with the leather accents added more charm to the coat. It definitely did not look like your typical puffer coat.

So in the end, what coat did I go with? Thanks to feedback from my friends on Facebook and Instagram, I went with the Moncler but in a beautiful navy color. I loved the cut of the Moncler and the weight. But the black version was boring (same old.) So finding it in a color other than black was a score and fit what I was looking for perfectly!

Which is your favorite jacket to wear?

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