As I shared in my Monday Momazon YouTube episode this week, the fun find for Moms on Amazon feature is this small wallet I bought recently. It is the perfect size for small handbags and thus easy to use in a variety of handbag styles. So you don’t have to switch your wallet when you switch to a smaller handbag.


I love the ability to change bags depending on color or function. During the week, I often carry a larger bag due to the hectic kids’ schedule! On the weekend, at games and practices, I can carry a lot less. So I often have a small crossbody bag.


The problem was when I was switching bags, my large long wallet would not fit in my smaller bags. So I constantly had to make a different handbag choice or swap wallets so it would fit into the smaller bag. Then I had to swap it back again. What pain!

Then some of the smaller wallets out there really didn’t hold many cards. Perhaps 4 or 6. That was about it. Often the wallet didn’t have a zipper either. So I was afraid my cards would fall out. Plus, many of them didn’t have a place for spare change¬† – or the cards and money were jumbled up together. Not practical when you are in the store trying to pay!

Other Benefits

I finally (affiliate link) found a wallet that was just the size and function I was looking for! It had about 15 card slots, but in a small size. I can easy toss it into any bag I happen to be carrying (even if just my coat pocket!) I also loved this style because of the cross stitching. It added a nice touch. Same with the little tassel at the zipper.

Other benefits are the zipper for security, the accordion style so you can find your cards, and the RFID technology too. The dimensions are 4.53″ long, 3.35″ high, and 0.98 depth.

Where to Get

This is the vendor on (affiliate) Amazon where I got my wallet. There are 9 colors, at the time of the post, and a reasonable price! So grab one and use in any handbag in ease and style! This is a great wallet to fit a Chanel mini handbag too! As I know many of you ask about that!

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