As I shared in my Monday Momazon YouTube episode this week, the fun find for Moms on Amazon feature is this scarf I keep in my car. I bought it a few months ago on Amazon. It is a great way to prevent your handbag from falling on the floor.

Say what?

Yes, I have a long jersey scarf in the passenger seat of my car, tied to the post on the headrest. While this is the best place for me, you could put it anywhere in the car. However, you are probably wondering why you need a ‘car scarf’ in the first place.

prevent handbag falling


I have it in my car so I can prevent my handbag/purse from falling on the floor when I have to stop fast. I tie the scarf around the handles of my bag when I get in the car. When I am driving, if I have to stop fast, the bag is ‘held’ on the seat and doesn’t fall on the floor. This prevents damage to my handbag as well as the contents of my bag being all over the floor!

How to

When you get in the car, wrap the scarf around the post of the headrest. Then wrap the scarf ends around the handles of your bag – or other object with handles that you don’t want to end up on the floor. Make sure the scarf you have is long enough and soft enough. You want it to be long enough so it can tie around the post of your headrest and extend down to the seat where your purse is located. Yet, short enough that it keeps the bag on the seat when you stop quickly.

I found that around 75 inches long and 14 inches wide is a good length and width. The softer the fabric, the better – so it does not scratch your bag. Make sure the fabric is machine washable. Being in the car, it will get dirty, so you want it to be fuss-free. Toss it in the wash when you need to give it a spruce up.

Other Benefits

Another benefit of having the scarf in the car is that you can use it for other purposes. A shawl, a light blanket, a head cover in the rain, or when you need to cover up a coffee spill on your shirt, toss the scarf on to cover it!

Where to Get

This is the vendor on (affiliate) Amazon where I got my scarf. There are 30 colors, at the time of the post, and a reasonable price for the purpose. So grab one and travel in ease and style!

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