Mommy_walking_babyLast week, there were two posts by other Bloggers that really resonated with me, and I wanted to pass them along.

The first post was from a Mom of nine children to a Mom of one child. I saw it tweeted and retweeted on Twitter. The writer mentioned when she tells people she is the mother to nine children, other mothers were astonished on how she can handle so many children since they find it hard to be a mother to one. (That would be something I would say!) But her response was amazing and really touched a point within me. I have written before about my struggle transitioning to motherhood and I have always felt very guilty about it. But this writer gave a perspective that provide me with a better understanding that it may be normal to feel that way.

You can read the full post here. It is called: “To the Mother With Only One Child”.

The next post that struck a cord with me was about the pressure of trying to be a happy Mom. We have all had someone mention it….”Enjoy every moment because this time goes by so fast.” Or “You must love being a Mom!” Or the nasty comments where someone criticizes the fact that you aren’t glowing in your “Momdom”. When someone mentions we should love every moment (as our child is screaming in the background or painting the walls with spaghetti sauce) we wonder why we aren’t happy. And get stressed, thinking, “OMG, I should be happy and I am not! What’s wrong with me!”

Her post was about how the concept of Carpe Diem (living in the moment) really does not relate to Mom life when you are counting down the hours to bedtime, why that is okay, and what we can be ‘diem-ing’ instead. You can read the post called, “Don’t Carpe Diem” here.

So if you are a happy Mom or a Mom who has it figured out, rock on. Otherwise, rock on over to these two posts. Maybe it will provide you with some comfort that you are not alone.


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