MinuteClinic LogoIf anyone has read my “About” profile, you know that I spent most of my career in Health Care law, regulations, and policy. Working with a leading health care insurance company to running a legislative health care committee, from overseeing physician quality to writing various laws and regulations, I’ve spent a lot of time in the health care field.

When I had the opportunity to team up with MinuteClinic at BlogHer ’12, not only was I honored, but it was a great match. Now, you may have no idea what is MinuteClinic, but the name is a big clue. It is a clinic that speeds up the waiting time you have in a traditional doctor’s office (or the long waiting time to get  an appointment at said doctor’s office) from weeks to minutes.

MinuteClinic has over 600 locations in 25 states and it enables Moms to get their families checked out at the first sign of a fever, sniffle or infection. And let’s face it, if you have kids, that is more often than not. You don’t need an appointment. You just walk in during their office hours (which includes weekends & nights I might add) conveniently found in a CVS location.

Despite being in a drugstore, it is a real clinic with a real exam room beneficially located where you would be buying your over-the-counter medicine. If you have insurance, they accept a variety of plans, but if you don’t, the out-of-pocket costs are significantly less than a hospital or doctor’s office.

All in all, they have lots of locations, fast appointments, and cover a range of services. Yet, these factors don’t mean you sacrifice health care quality.  MinuteClinic is nationally accredited, has board certified practitioners and offers an electronic medical record system to provide consistent protocols. Thus, if you get care at a clinic in Boston where you live, or get care in Orlando when you are on vacation, you can feel confident that you will get top-notch, evidence-based, consistent care, regardless of the location you visit.

So, if  you have a minor health care issue, need a vaccination or a quick test, it is the place to go. So check their website to see if a clinic is close to you and follow my other posts to learn about my experiences with MinuteClinic!


I was provided a sponsorship to represent MinuteClinic at BlogHer and received compensation as part of this post.

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  1. PragmaticMom says:

    I was impressed that CVS has such a great service. I had no idea but had gone to CVS for a flu shot last year — first time. (I usually go into to work to get it). It makes a lot of sense for those times when you absolutely know what you or your child has like an ear infection or an UTI and just need the prescription but not the 2 hours to get into to see the doctor.

  2. We were introduced to Minute Clinic in Chicago about 3.5 years ago. We were at a wedding and my then 3 year old daughter woke up on Sunday sick. Someone told us about the Minute Clinic in CVS down the road and instead of spending the day in an emergency room for something rather minor (as it turned out), we were in and out in no time and still made our flight home that afternoon with medicine in hand.

    I’m psyched to see them expanding – they’re a great service.

  3. Congrats on the sponsorship! Minute Clinic had a great presence at BlogHer. I loved that they were giving out pain relievers at their booth too. Hope you had a wonderful conference! 🙂

  4. Great resource! I’m happy to know about it – this would be especially good to use when you are traveling and don’t know the area – I would have used this in Florida more than once!

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