Microsoft Surface ReviewMicrosoft enters the Tablet Market

Microsoft has entered the tablet market with its new Microsoft Surface. Part laptop, part tablet, it is a multi-functional device perfect for the commuter, the student or the stay-at-home Mom.

Microsoft is getting it in front of consumers with dedicated Microsoft staff – no third party people for their newest launch. While you can play with it and ask questions at any Microsoft store, you may want to check out your local Mall as well. Microsoft has set up speciality kiosks inside select Mall locations through the holidays.

Note that I only got to see the demo of the product. I did not get to take one home or really get an in depth review of the item. Only time with a Microsoft representative and time playing with it in the store. Note that the one downfall that I found with the item is that it will not replace your laptop as claimed. Many company software will not work with the Microsoft Surface (remote log in features, etc.) and it still acts like a tablet so you don’t get full functionality with Facebook for example – just the Facebook app. Though you can go the browser and log into Facebook via that method.

Personally, until apps have the same function as the website itself, tablets will never we as good as a laptop, especially if you are looking for features like video editing and graphic work. Though the Surface is definitely a step in the right direction compared to its competitors!

Check out this 2 minute Microsoft Surface Review Video to see all the features and see it in action!


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  1. MAN do I want to get my hands on one of those. Looking at it from the screen of my creaky old laptop is just making me sad.

  2. I would consider your comments, however since being incorporated in to the “cult of apple” by buying an iPhone, and eventually a Mac, and then an iPad….

    Why would you waste your time on an inferior product? Windows is as useless as a rat in a tampon factory to be as “light as possible” in reflecting the reality of a decision in purchasing a tablet device.

    I just have to be honest here, windows is a poor choice. In fact, I have reviewed a windows based tablet at the Microsoft store…. It ironically was malfunctioning due to a virus…. Apple computer encoding doesn’t recognise virus coding, hence it doesn’t get one :)

  3. If you are an Apple fan, I agree – you may not think much of this Tablet as the form and function is similar to the iPad if you buy the separate keypad. However, as far as I know, this Surface cannot get viruses anymore than a Windows phone can, since it is all apps – no software like a computer. So it cannot get viruses (at the moment anyway.) So in actuality, if you want to avoid viruses but still want a Windows experience, this would be the device to get.

  4. Had the opportunity to try out the Surface last weekend. Love this device and can’t wait to get one. So glad I waited for this tablet…it’s amazing!

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