I had a Mom’s night out recently and took a lot of video. It didn’t involve wine or a bunch of my close friends, but it did involve a DJ, lots of strangers and a late night! Woo-hoo!

It was the Microsoft Surface 2 release launch party in Boston, and I was excited to be sponsored. And while the tablet market is serious business, the employees know how to have a good time!

Microsoft Surface 2 Specs

Why not celebrate, right? The Microsoft Surface 2 battery lasts longer, the system runs faster and you can interact with it using the new touch keyboard that has over 1000+ touch points. (The older model had less than 100!)

Yup, definitely a thing to celebrate.

As a busy Mom, I cannot begin to tell you how ridiculously frustrating it is to try to look something up on a tablet only to find out it is dead and you have to charge it. Then you have to find the charger. Then find the electrical socket that is not already in use from some other household appliance. Then have to wait and wait for it to charge. Or even worse, you have two minutes to look something up before there is kid mutiny and…whoops, too slow.

I also like the fact that the Surface 2, even with the cover on, is as thin as most phones. The cover itself is thinner than two pennies. So it is easy to slip in your purse or diaper bag (without having to sacrifice diaper wipe space.)

Some of the features of the Surface 2 are similar to the original Surface but those features still separate it from other tablets, like the ability to have a dual screen! Place your holiday purchases on Amazon while checking your email to see when Auntie is scheduled to arrive. But if you have a teenager or college-bound kid, this would be great to multi-task for classes, research and to Skype Mom.

You can also quickly kick-out the kickstand, snap on the keyboard and get right to work. No bluetooth, wifi, hookup stuff. Then close it up just as quickly to take it on the go. Not a lot of separate parts for a busy working Mom! It is so simple that if my 16 month old saw this Vine video, she would be able to figure it out.

It was lots of fun playing with the new Surface 2 at the Microsoft store. There are plenty of staff on hand to answer any questions too. So if you are wondering if you should upgrade, switch, or start anew, then head to your local store and check it out!

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