A Review of the Medicine Safe

As a result of my abdominal reconstructive surgery, I had to take lot of pills. Everything from arnica and anti-nausea to vicodin and vitamins. So when a colleague gave me a heads up about the Medicine Safe, I had to check it out.

Medicine SafeFirst and foremost, you should have all medicines (over the counter or prescription) in a cabinet or closet, and on the highest shelf. We have ours in drawers, on the top shelf, in a closet, that has a childproof handle on it. (A trifeca of obstacles.) We also don’t have any chairs or stools nearby so it makes it harder for the kids to climb up and get it either.

Yet, I still worry.

Rightfully so. While we may have a pretty good setup, the setup changes when family comes to visit. Case in point: my parents came to stay with us to help with the kids while I recovered from the surgery. They brought their suitcases and shampoo…and all of their pills. Which were in their suitcases. On the floor. The same floor on which my eight month old is crawling and my three year old runs up and down. They also leave them on the bathroom counter. The same counter where my three year old brushes his teeth. My parents haven’t had kids in the house for over 20 years and in those 20 years they have also accumulated a lot of aches and pains that require some sort of over-the counter help or prescription assistance.

Oh geez.

It made me realize how, dare I say it, essential something like the Medicine Safe is to have at your fingertips. Check out my one minute video showing how it works. Suffice to say, I have put it in the guest bathroom in our house. So when my parents come to stay, there is a (safe) place for their pills.

The Medicine Safe has steel reinforced composite body construction engineered to keep prescriptions and over the counter medications organized and secure. Accommodating prescription bottles of up to 4” tall, the Medicine Safe has a locking mechanism that deploys two steel “double throw” locking bolts and can fit inside a standard medicine cabinet (or can be mounted on the wall.)

It retails for $70. Not cheap per se, but considering an ER visit co-pay costs $100, I think we are ahead of the game. And anything I can do to keep my kids safe? Priceless.


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Disclosure: I received product and compensation in exchange for my post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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