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Boston was named the least friendly city a couple months ago. Apparently, it is a wicked valid title now the MBTA (“Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority” for you non-Dunkie drinkin’ locals) has signs on the “T” asking “Bahstin” people to be nice.

Here are some of the sayings:

“Man gives up seat for pregnant woman! — Red Line passengers witness display of good manners.”

“Woman covers mouth while sneezing! — Germs stay put, don’t get a free ride”

“Passenger refrains from loud cell phone conversation! — Others will not get to hear about dermatologist appointment”

The new ads, launched by the MBTA, encourages neanderthals people to be more courteous as they ride subway cars and buses. The ads have the kicker line: “Courtesy shouldn’t be big news.” A total of 1,500 signs are being posted. Which now is costing taxpayers a few grand. (Which, in case you didn’t know, Boston doesn’t have a few grand to be spending right now.)

So hear is the question. Why only have signs on trains and buses? Hasn’t anyone tried to drive on the Southeast Expressway during rush hour? Maybe we should borrow the MBTA signs and put them in our car windows with some modifications like “Wave when someone let’s you into their lane” or “Lay off the horn. We are all stuck here too.”

Why do we need signs at all? Couldn’t the train operators maybe, I don’t know, work and make an announcement on occasion reminding people to be nice? Why is it that we have to remind people to be nice, dammit?

All in all, where is etiquette and common courtesy going? Why do most people not have it? Is it in growing mix of cultures? A lack of curriculum? Too busy parents?

What do you think? (Be nice…..)

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