We had a super fun MAM party over the weekend! The party theme was “Smile” and it was just a way for some Moms and our toddlers to play around the theme of learning to brush teeth.

We read a book about Tooth Brushing.


We had some kid-friendly music in the background, with theme appropriate songs, like:

Brushing My Teeth by Barney

Brush, Brush, Brushing by The Insects Rock

We also played with some free apps like this one from AquaFresh and other ones called Star Teeth and Happy Teeth. Some kids loved them….and others were not impressed. But since they are free on iTunes, I’d say give it a go and maybe it will work.


We learned this fun song from Teaching Heart. (This was a hit.)

“Brush Your Teeth”
(to the tune of “Row, Row, Row your Boat”)
Brush, brush, brush your teeth, at least two times a day.
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, fighting tooth decay.
Floss, floss, floss your teeth, every single day.
Gently, gently, gently, gently, whisking Plaque away.
Rinse, rinse, rinse your teeth, every single day.
Swishing, swishing, swishing, swishing, fighting tooth decay.

We had “teeth-friendly foods” like veggies sticks and crackers. We stayed away from traditional cookies and candy, but did have some Earth’s Best Smiley Chocolate Graham Crackers. I figured at least Elmo had a big smile to show off his pearly whites!

Elmo_Cookies _MAM_Event

We also played with toothbrushes. It is hard to see in the photo, but we set up empty water bottles and kids got to knock them down with a toothbrush (which you can kind of see in his hand.)

Bottle Bowling 2

Each Mom got to take home a goody bag with MAM products. Many Moms didn’t realize that MAM has great products for oral development – well beyond just the rockin’ MAM pacifiers and bottles.


Like the Oral Care Rabbit (Pink Bunny), Learn to Brush Set (Green), and Massaging Brush (Blue). All of the oral care products are developed in cooperation with the International Children’s Medical Research Society, and are BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, Lead-Free, PVC-free and CPSIA compliant.

The Rabbit is perfect for early introduction of teeth brushing and cleaning. Mom or Dad can slip a finger into on of the bunny ears and use the super-soft materials to wipe down the gums and tongue. The cute little bunny makes it a fun experience too!

The Massaging Brush is perfect for ages 3 months and up. It massages sensitive gums of teething babies and cleans first teeth too. The Learn to Brush Set comes with a training brush for younger toddlers, which is smaller to hold and smaller in length for smaller mouths. It also comes with a first brush when they can start brushing independently (with adult supervision of course!) The brushes have chunky, nubby handles for little ones to grasp. These make for great fillers in a baby shower basket or as stocking stuffers for the holidays.

We talked about the toothfairy too. Even though we all have a few years to go before we have to worry about the going rate for a tooth, we shared ideas and memories. I mentioned about a website where kids can get personalized letters from the tooth fairy, as well as other parenting oral hygiene ideas. It’s called America’s Tooth Fairy Club. Of course there were stories about teething woes too, but the event was short, so everyone could get home for nap time.

It must have been fun, because my son passed out soon after. (Dreaming of the tooth fairy I’m sure.)


Image Credit: My own.

Disclosure: I received $50 worth of free MAM products for hosting the party and writing this blog post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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