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Woot!!! (Three exclamation points are totally necessary.)

I’m excited to be going to Blissdom again this year (third time is the charm!) Even though this is my third Blissdom, I feel like it is my first since Blissdom is in Texas for the first time ever! In between finding the way in the Gaylord conference hotel (and if it’s anything like the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, getting lost in it), going to the fabulous sessions (come find me – I’m one of the brand/review Community Leaders) or gaping at the fabulousness of Alli Worthington, stop by the fabulous booth of Blissdom sponsor VSP (Vision Service Plan)! VSP is giving away goodies galore as one of Blissdom’s awesome Sponsors, and who doesn’t love goodies. It’s like the apple pie and ice cream of social media.

VSP_Blog_Ambassador_BadgeJust head to their booth (go solo or with a bevy of blogging besties) and take the “bebe Style Quiz” to get find out your style. Are you Glamour? (I’m not with two kids), Rocker? (The only thing I am rockin’ to is the Wiggles), or a Dreamer (I dream about sleeping in one day again so I would probably go for this option!) Browse the new line of bebe designer frames and elect the perfect pair to complete your BlissDom look. Then Instagram or Tweet a photo of your “final look” from the booth using the hashtag #VSPBliss.

You’ll then be entered to win an hourly giveaway of bebe sunwear throughout the two days of the conference (that is a lot of sun stuff!) and a grand prize winner will be picked at the end of each conference day. That person will receive an Individual Style Grand Prize Pack! (Lucky ducky!) The grand prize is a $250 gift card, accessories, and VSP vision benefits of some sort for one year! (I love that!)

As a former health care attorney turned style and parenting blogger, I thought I would share some eye health and fashion tips to get you prepped for Blissdom. First, check out my post on what it is like to have an eye exam, preparing kids for an eye exam, and protecting kid’s eyes from the sun. But if you are interested in looking fabulous when wearing glasses, here are three makeup tips for wearing glasses (in which I have some experience after having to wear glasses for 20 years!)


makeup tips for wearing glasses


1. Less is More. Under bold eyeglasses, less makeup is more. Glasses add a lot of attention to your face and a bold eye and a bold pair of glasses will be overkill. To balance your eye frames, go for a bold lip to balance your face. If your frames are super light or even rimless, add more depth to your eye by using more eye makeup.

2. Line and Blend. When using eye makeup, use a strong mascara. It will keep your look subtle and simple, but will give great definition to your eyes. Adding eyeliner can take it up a notch. Your liner color should compliment the rest of your eye makeup, as well as your frames. Consider using black eyeliner just on the top of your lash line on your upper eye lid to give the illusion of thicker lashes. If you use eyeshadow, coordinate your makeup with your frames. If your frames are dark, colored or thick, wear neutral eye shadow. If your frames are light, you can play with color.

3. Have Good Arches. Since your eye brows can be seen peeking out from the top of eyeglass frames, it’s important that the brow be groomed and shaped to your face. If you have pale eyebrows, consider using eyebrow powder or pencil to fill in the brows so they are defined and full.

All in all, when you wear glasses, you need to understand how the prescription makes your eyes look. Do they magnify or make your eyes look smaller? If they magnify, your makeup will appear more heavy so use a light hand when applying your eye makeup, blend carefully, and stay away from iridescent or sparkly eyeshadow. Play around with your look at home and ask a honest friend to give your blunt feedback, or find a makeup counter with a fellow eyeglasses wearer who can help you put together a new look with your frames and understands the challenges that come with it. Lastly, consider investing in several pairs of eyeglass frames so you can change the color or the style to compliment (or change) your look.

Remember, stop by the VSP Booth at Blissdom to get style advice and time to play with glasses. Even if you don’t need glasses, seeing is believing and good vision is always in style!

[Update: Sadly, after writing this post, I found out that my grandmother (my beloved Nana) passed away. Her wake is Friday and funeral is Saturday so I am making various calls to cancel my Blissdom plans. I’ll definitely miss seeing everyone there – from Bloggers and the Sponsors to the staff and the fun. But many blessings for a great Blissdom!]

Disclosure: Images used with permission. I am a VSP ambassador, but I was not compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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