Loveable Label LogoWhether you have a little one in day care, have people stealing your lunch at work, have kids involved in a gazillion (I think that is a real word) afterschool activities or just use the playroom at the gym, you want to label your stuff. In some places it is required (daycare) and some places it is not (the turkey sandwich claim in the office fridge), but either way, it makes sure your stuff gets back to you.

When I started having to worry about my stuff – specifically, the whereabouts of my son’s sippy cup, I used Permanent Marker. That didn’t work well. First, it would rub off on my hands or clothes if I handled it before the ink dried. Second, after one wash in the dishwasher, the label would be gone. Hence, I would have to do it again (and usually forgot) resulting in a lost sippy cup.


Until I learned about Loveable Labels at a recent conference. Super cute labels that I can stick e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e!  Shoes, shirts, books, bags, cups, caps, hats and handbags. It can say anything you want: first name, last name, first and last, a quote or saying. You can have adorable icons too, like firetrucks, cars, princess crowns and more.

Loveable Label Images

Despite being, well, loveable labels, they are functional labels too. They stick, don’t fade, are bleachable, washable, microwavable and are an affordable way to keep your stuff (frankly) yours. As well as prevent family fights over whose shoes are whose.

Loveable Labels sent me a complimentary Back To School Pack ($44.95) to check out, which includes:

•15 Regular Sticker Labels
•80 Slimline Sticker Labels
•48 Press n’Stick Clothing DOTS
•12 Shoe Labels
•2 Mini-Metal Tags
•12 Square Labels

Lovable Labels ShapesThat is a lot of labels for a variety of items, and while the price outlay is high, you don’t have to keep buying them every few months because they last. Yet, if you don’t need all of this, or have a budget, you can just get one thing. For $19.95, you could get either the Regular Sticker Labels (Pack of 45), SlimLine Labels (Pack of 90), Shoe Labels (Pack of 24 – for 12 pairs of shoes), Iron-on Labels (Pack of 72), Press n’ Stick Clothing DOTS (Pack of 48), Fun Stickies (Pack of 36), and Original Bag Tags or Mini Metal Tags (Pack of 6).

So if you want to make sure that Susie is not wearing Sara’s coat or Mike is not wearing Matt’s shoes or Beth is not drinking out of Brittany’s sippy cup, then you may want to check out Loveable Labels. Don’t forget about your personal stuff too. Maybe it is household items, the diaper bag or stroller or our items at the health club or office. Better yet, scope out Loveable Labels for a fabulous birthday party gift or your nephew’s upcoming holiday present. (Just sayin’.)

{Note: There was a giveaway associated with this post, but not enough people entered to win.}

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  1. Patti Baldi says:

    I have constantly tried to label my sons preschool belongings with permanent marker. It just DOESN’t work and leave a mess! We have lost a bunch of items since I couldn’t label them properly.
    My boys are also at an age where they fight over their stuff. All I hear is ” NO, that belongs to me”…… It would be great to have a labeling system that is easy and actually works!
    Thanks for finding Loveable Labels! They sound great!

  2. Nadia Ullman says:

    Sounds like a good idea. Would love to try them!

  3. Nadia Ullman says:

    Oh, wow, they have tags/ labels that indicate a child’s allergy. I will definitely get the one with the crossed- out peanut for G as a reminder when we go to large social events.

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