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The old saying, “Bad things happen to good people” happened on the afternoon of July 5, 2011 on a quite street in one of America’s oldest hometowns.

Melanie of The Coupon Goddess and Melanie in the Middle was hit full force by car as she walked down the street in her neighborhood. After being thrown 15 feet in the air, Melanie suffered severe injuries. Her son witnessed the horrendous event and did not know if his Mom would live.

Melanie has endured emotional and physical agony since the accident. Surgeries and therapies have replaced walks and family dinners with her husband and four children. Yet, while the doctors determined that Melanie will walk again, she cannot stand up for three months and it will take up to a year for her to walk fully again.

Her house is now a construction zone with ramps and lifts and other modifications. As she learns her new paradigm of getting her children ready for school or ready for bed while she is in a wheelchair, there are unexpected challenges like not being able to reach the stove nobs since they are in the back vs. the front. The same with the washer and dryer.

She did not ask for this. She is a Mom like us. And that could be us today or tomorrow.

Melanie is someone who is always giving back, whether it’s sending care packages to the troops or donating items for her local food pantry. So it wasn’t a surprise that many wanted to help her. So she became September’s recipient of Love Drop.

Check it out. Please. You will be inspired. Moved. And perhaps, maybe, help too. But do so soon. On Wednesday, September 28th the love…will…drop.

Be a part of it.


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  1. I am so saddened to learn of this horrible accident. This is precisely why I spend my days doing the legal work that I do ensure that if (when) something happens to us as parents, our wishes will be followed, our children will be cared for (temporarily or permanently) by the people of our choosing, & our families won’t be left disagreeing over what we would have wanted. Bad stuff does happen to good people, too often. I wish the very best for Melanie and her family.

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