I have a lot of pictures of my kids. But usually they are stuck on my phone. Languishing in photo hell (or photo heaven if you want to be more positive about it.) If I manage to get the pictures off my phone, they get stored on my computer…and there they remain in photo purgatory. Until Lifeables.

I am really good about sharing photos of my kids on social sites. Whether we are on the swing at the park, taking a ride in a wagon around the neighborhood, at the zoo, or getting a haircut. Yes, my pictures frolic on Facebook, inspire on Instagram and tantalize on Twitter. Print them? {LOL.} Take advantage of deals to create photobooks from sharesites? {Snort.}

Seriously, I just had a baby. Who has time? They’re lucky I remember to pull out the camera to even take a picture.

So my friend Cindy mentioned a new site called Lifeables that takes the images that I (or my family and friends) post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (including the comments) about my kids (husband or myself), and puts them into an online scrapbook that you can share with anyone you want. And soon, one that you can print. (Hello, Christmas presents for the grandparents.) I can even add photos from my computer or directly from my mobile phone (no more having to import just to upload.)


In essence, Lifeables collects all of the social sharing of pictures you do on the run (or on the fly) and puts them (without much effort on your part) into one central location to share and store. (Note the emphasis on without much effort.) Yes, this program does its behind-the-scenes-coding-magic to gather all of your posts during the past three years! You can approve them to keep on Lifeables or delete them. You can sort by child too. Add thoughts. Manage a baby blog to capture your pregnancy thoughts.

It is all here.

Your life.

For free. So sign up and take your social shares into a super sweet social scrapbook.


Disclosure: I received a small stipend for my time in sharing my personal experience with Lifeables.


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