The old saying, “Bad things happen to good people” happened on the afternoon of July 5, 2011 on a quite street in one of America’s oldest hometowns.

Melanie of The Coupon Goddess and Melanie in the Middle was hit full force by car as she walked down the street in her neighborhood. After being thrown 15 feet in the air, Melanie suffered severe injuries. Her son witnessed the horrendous event and did not know if his Mom would live.

Melanie has endured emotional and physical agony since the accident. Surgeries and therapies have replaced walks and family dinners with her husband and four children. Yet, while the doctors determined that Melanie will walk again, she cannot stand up for three months and it will take up to a year for her to walk fully again.

Her house is now a construction zone with ramps and lifts and other modifications to enable her to come home to her family, as they continue to assume the reality of mounting medical bills.  Yet, through all this, Melanie held on hope for her trip to BlogHer. As a rising star with her work featured in Money Magazine and her recipes honored by the Pioneer Woman and more, Melanie’s hopes were crushed when doctors informed her that she would not be fit to travel to San Diego for BlogHer.

What Melanie has to keep her strong are the beautiful cards that people send her. Her rehabilitation room looks fun and fresh with the love and well wishes people have sent her, but since her ordeal is long, we hope to keep the cards coming her way.

Since the first official day of the BlogHer conference will mark the one month anniversary of her accident, we wanted to share Melanie’s story with our fellow BlogHer attendees with the humble request that they would consider sending her a Hallmark card from BlogHer.

Hallmark, a super fabulous BlogHer sponsor, will have a Card Corner at their Expo Booth (#307) where you can choose from a variety of Postage Paid cards (as well have fun with other Hallmark awesomeness). So, if you aren’t sure who to send a card to, we hope you’ll consider sending one to Melanie or to any other Blogger that cannot make BlogHer this year because of an accident or illness.

Melanie is someone who is always giving back, whether it’s sending care packages to the troops or donating items for her local food pantry. While she would love getting cards, she would love it if another Blogger who couldn’t make it to BlogHer this year because of a challenge they are facing get a card too. So please share their information in the comments below and perhaps they will get a card too! (Please be sure to confirm that the Blogger you mention is comfortable sharing their plight, and address, publicly!)

As Hallmark continues their new campaign at BlogHer called “Life is a Special Occasion”, we cannot help but note that Melanie’s survival, as well as those of other injured and ill Bloggers, truly is a “Special Occasion”.

Melanie Feehan
PO Box 135
Manomet, MA 02345


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  1. Beautifully written and I am sure that Melanie knows she is at BlogHer in spirit with a lot of bloggers!

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