How to Make a Lego Table

My kids have really gotten into LEGOS. More specifically, the DUPLOS.

Rather having the LEGOS all over the floor, I wanted to get a DUPLO® Compatible Wood Table, but I wasn’t sure if my kids would be interested. So, before I committed to a big set, I decided to do my own LEGO table DYI and create my own. Whether it is budget or the dipping your toe into the LEGO waters, if you will, here is how you can create a LEGO table for less than $30.

Lego Table DYI Charlene Chronicles

First, I ordered a Kid’s Table for about $20 on Amazon. It was 24×24 inches and only 20 inches tall so it was a great size for my 4 year old and 2 year old. Easy for them to play at the table, but still big enough that both could play at the table at the same time.

Next, I ordered the LEGO Building Plates for the top of the table. I decided to get two blue and two green for sea and land themes. There are also gray plates for city scapes. I got four for about $10 on Amazon as well. All LEGO sizes work with the LEGO Building Plates.

Next I purchased a LEGO DUPLO Brick Set that had over 140 pieces for about $50 on Amazon. You could get standard sized LEGOS too, depending on the age of your children. Or get a simple set to start, like this LEGO DUPLO My First Garden for around $12.

Lego Table DIY

Once everything was delivered, I quickly set up the table, then gorilla glued the LEGO building plates onto the table top. I let it set for a couple of hours when the kids were in school. When they came home, they were trilled and started playing right away!

You can find LEGO inspiration on where you can search for LEGO sets by age!

Looks like my next purchase will be some more LEGOS!

Lego Table DIY

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