LeapFrog Imagicard Review

The new LeapFrog Imagicard is a new feature in the LeapFrog system of products and it works with the LeapPad Platinum with its front and rear facing camera.

The Imagicard is designed to bring learning to life. With many Imagicard sets from which to choose, each game has several cards to use with the LeapPad camera providing multiple learning levels in areas of math, reading, spelling and more, while providing kids other skills like listening, directional skills, and fine motor abilities.

leapfrog leappad imagicard review

In addition to different subjects, there are also different age groups in each subject so you can find something for each child in your family. Plus the games have Just for Me™ technology that personalizes curricular progress. All while your kids are learning from their favorite characters.

It is hard to explain how the Imagicards work. I tried a couple of times to explain, in this post, the function of the game and the cards. The biggest takeaway is that you can use the cards outside the game as well as within the game, so there is a lot of use for the product – with a handy storage function – which, as a Mom, I really appreciate! However, I just decided to do a video so I could do the product justice and let you see the product (and the MAGIC) in action! Hope you like it! And while you are on YouTube would really appreciate a like or subscribe! XOXO

If you want to see what my kids have to say about the LeapFrog product, watch their video here.

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  1. I have enjoyed your reviews and for my 3 year old I will be getting the platinum. I think she will enjoy it more than my old Samsung Tab that finally bit tdhe ust. I do have 1 complaint . The nature Valley advertising takes up 99% of the screen and makes it very hard to navigate. I can’t even see this as I type it won’t move
    I have a Samsung S6 Active.

  2. Charlene DeLoach says

    Thanks Christine. Ads help me pay for the hosting of this site since I rarely get compensated to pay the bills. But will let the ad company know to watch out for annoying ads. Sometimes it is mobile or just adjusting your screen to find the X button. Thanks for your comment on the LeapFrog post. I think she will LOVE it and you will to in that it is easier to control content on the LeapPad than a traditional tablet! Happy Holidays!

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