DinnertisingSo last week I posted about a great Lawry’s recipe I tried on my toddler who has developed an obsession with Mac & Cheese. I searched the Lawry’s website and found a great Mac & Cheese alternative.

But I had to ‘sell it”. So I created a fun Dinnertisement to get him excited about eating it. Not sure if it worked, since he is only two and a half, but I had a blast creating it and he had fun watching it. Yet, more importantly, he did eat the new dinner.

The background is that Lawry’s created a easy way to create an advertisement about dinner that you can share with your kids and family. It is just a unique way to make dinner fun and to provide some hoopla over a new recipe that they have on their site. It was featured on the Rachel Ray show last month. In essence, it is a (free) mini-advertisement with a picture of your kids, the recipe you selected and clever graphics.

So did you create a Dinnertisement yet? Did you try any of the recipes?

One reader did, and she entered the giveaway I had! So congrats to Deb!

And if you have a picky toddler too. Don’t despair. There are great resources out there like these ideas from Dr. Sears. So try a Dinnertisement, try a new recipe, and just try, try, and try again.

Eventually, they’ll catch on and you may end up with a foodie on your hands.



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