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Let’s face it. We do laundry all the time. But despite our laundry laurels, there are times when we get stumped. Whether it is an ink stain or an oil stain, or whether to use fabric softener or not, I want a go-to resource. Not just “Google”. So if you have a smartphone or computer it may be worth downloading some laundry apps, printing some FAQs, or bookmarking these websites to help you sort out laundry conundrums on Wash-It-Wednesday. Though I still covet any washer and dryer that has built-in technology to handle any laundry challenge.

Online Stain Resource

One to consider is Purex. It has an online Stain Guide with the best ways to remove tough laundry stains  – such as Halloween face painting stains, marker stains, ice cream stains and other stains that you have not even thought of yet.

Alexa App

Tide has an Alexa skill that you can find here. If you have Alexa, you can just ask Alexa and she’ll guide you through step-by-step instructions for your laundry routine. With help from Tide, Alexa can now answer over 200 specific laundry questions.

Online Cleaning Resource

Clorox has a laundry advisor page that goes over common laundry questions too, for when only bleach will do. There is even a page for Pet Stain questions and common household disinfectant questions.

Washer and Dryer Apps

GE, LG, and Samsung all have washer and dryers that have supporting apps. LG has the Smart ThingQ Laundry app, Samsung has an app called Smart Washer and GE has GE Connect Appliances. These apps typically allow you to monitor, modify, or diagnose your smart washer and dryer from anywhere. The apps also include a laundry guide to help with stains and laundry care label icons.

I hope some of these resources make laundry duties more manageable and helpful. But remember  – do not wash your phone.

laundry apps


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