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As many of you know from my previous Klout post, there are new ways to give Klout. However, there are new ways to add Klout too, and that is by linking your various social media channels into your Klout profile, such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and more. There is even the ability to add your blog.

Um, maybe.

I have a self-hosted WordPress blog and I was super excited to see the WordPress emblem on my Klout profile. In addition to adding my YouTube channel and my LinkedIn profile, I went to add my WordPress blog.

Until I realized I couldn’t.

Apparently, if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can’t add it to Klout. (Ironic that this post, on this blog, about Klout, won’t get me any Klout points). However, if you have a free WordPress blog (meaning you don’t have your own domain name like but rather you can add it to your Klout profile.

Let’s just say that is not sitting well with many folks. Here is a stream I came across when looking for a solution.


Apparently, there isn’t one.


And the answer given by this particular employee is rather…non-helpful…don’t you think? Many people thought so. Here is one ‘customer’ response, if you will.


Another commentator also thought that the reasoning (albiet a short one) from the Klout employee didn’t make sense.


The Klout employee responded again.


Needless to say that second official Klout response didn’t go well. Here is one of the many responses.


All in all, there are two issues here. First is the quick, non-specific, responses from Klout. Big no-no number one. The next is the issue is about self-hosted WordPress blogs not getting the same Klout push as WordPress hosted blogs. While I don’t agree with the whole “I’m better than thou…” comments, I do agree with the gentlemen above who said that until both sides (self-hosted and WordPress hosted) websites can be supported by Klout, Klout should have left all ‘blog platforms” off the list so there is an even playing field.

What do you think?

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  1. You know what, I think this is probably the same for blogger too. I am on blogger but I self host and don’t use the blogger commenting form, because it sucks. Does that mean klout isn’t accurately gauging my score too?

  2. Eek. I’m on a self-hosted WP blog too, and didn’t realize this. Those responses from Klout are really unprofessional too.

  3. You know, I would presume so, but see if you can link it up and let me know.

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