During our home construction journey, we made a decision along the way not to go with expensive kitchen pantry cabinetry. Nor did we decide to go with standard kitchen pantry organization in the form of shelves. So, I needed some interesting kitchen pantry design ideas and pantry inspiration STAT!

Let me explain our kitchen pantry pain and how it led to a new kitchen pantry idea.

The Pantry Plan

pantry inspiration ideas from charlenechronicles
When I was originally looking for Pantry design ideas and pantry inspiration, I came across this image.

pantry design inspiration

I loved it. Yet, when we got the quote for doing something similar in our house, it was outside our scope. Our contractor and builder suggested doing standard shelves for the kitchen pantry storage. However, I could not shake my goal or that image from my head on my ultimate kitchen organization design. I did not want to give up! So I did some searching and discovered this kitchen pantry organization image on this popular closet organizer’s website – The Container Store.

kitchen pantry design idea

Kitchen Pantry Design

I knew, by using this kitchen pantry storage inspo, I could find a compromise between style and budget. So I decided to work with a designer at The Container Store to recreate a similar look. However, I was so nervous that I was making a mistake. I had a big fear in “Was it going to be ‘good’ enough” as the original vision I had? You can read more about construction fears in my post here.

While not as glamorous as the Pinterest Pin, I am very pleased with the final result of our pantry design.

pantry design idea by charlenechronicles

It is also more practical than the standard shelves as we have functional drawers. Time will tell, after we move in, if I am ultimately happy, but I am very pleased design wise that I took the risk. (I may even do a fun ‘pop’ of color on the walls to give it a unique design element.)

You should definitely check out my Home Sweet {New} Home Board. I have tons of sub-categories! Everything from a Mom office to a laundry room, and mudrooms to kitchen decor to help you with your house design project. Also read my post here about current interior decorating ideas for your home!

Then stay tuned for more house building posts! Some upcoming topics include: Telling a story in the house design; Packing and moving; Dealing with neighbors during construction, Unique elements in every project, and; Outside landscaping. Still a lot of work to do!

A pantry design idea by charlenechronicles
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