Kindi Kids Halloween Costumes

Kindi Kids Halloween Costumes


If you have a fan of Kindi Kids, they can now dress up as their favorite Kindi Kids’ character!

Moose Toys, the creator of Kindi Kids, has partnered with Halloween costume store Spirit Halloween. There will be four Kindi Kids costumes at and on Amazon in early fall. The costumes will be based on popular Kindi Kids’ characters Donatina, Marsha Mello, Rainbow Kate, and Summer Peaches.

While kids will love dressing up as their favorite character, parents and caregivers will love this fact. Each costume comes with a plush buddy, a makeup kit, and a trick-or-treating bucket for the full Halloween Trick-or-Treat package.

We don’t know what community-based Halloween celebrations will look like for this year. However, the costumes are also a great way for kids to dress up as their favorite Kindi Kid year-round.

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