KidsII InGenuity Automatic Bouncer Review

Getting a baby to sleep can be one of the most frustrating things a parent must endure. Most notable is the endless bouncing to soothe them. Thus, cue my KidsII InGenuity Automatic Bouncer review.

I don’t know how many times I have had to use a ball to bounce my kids to sleep. As both arms are used to bounce away, I imagine what my hands could be doing: the laundry needs to be folded, a pile of email needs to be read, and the dishes need to be washed.

Bouncers seem to be a solution to our sleep deprivation woes, but most require the baby to kick for the bouncing to ensue. This is a great feature for motor development and cause & effect learning, but in the early days, we need more (especially more sleep.) Other bouncers offer a vibrating feature, but I don’t know many parents who can vibrate their babies to sleep. How is that a natural feature?

Having a bouncer that simulates the bouncing we do with great color choices (at Target as shown, or at other retailers in other patterns), at affordable price point ($49.99), with soothing & adjustable music, a movable play arch, and proper incline, it is no wonder I wanted to write and create TWO videos about the Kids II InGenuity Automatic Bouncer!

[Length 3:30]

[Length 5:00]

Good luck!


This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Kids II, Inc. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review. However, I was not compensated for my time in creating the videos and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Currently holding a 3 week old I just bounced to sleep… Ugh, could totally use one of these!!

  2. I soothe my baby to sleep by rocking her in the rocking chair my husband built (okay, put together with instructions LOL) for us! I just know she would love this bouncer! Thank you for the opportunity and all your hard work!

  3. After watching the video, you said you wished the bouncer had the ability to change out the toys. I agree =)

  4. Right now I am soothing her by rocking her and cradling her close to me. It doesn’t always work! 🙁

  5. I nurse my son to sleep, most of the time. Other times, I will carry and sing to him. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  6. My baby always loved the baby swing to get to sleep. But first, a nice bath with calming baby bath 🙂

  7. I cuddle and hold, and rock my baby until she settles down, if that doesn’t work a short card ride usually soothes baby.

  8. After watching the video, you said you wished the bouncer had the ability to change out the toys

  9. I give him space to fuss a little, but after a few minutes I always go back in, hold/pat back to soothe him and kind of “reset.” Usually he falls asleep on his own, but this is how I handle those nights that are a little more “rough.”

  10. In your video you had said that the downside was that you wished the toys were removeable and you could change them, but you did say that you might be able to clip some on

  11. swaddling and lots of cuddles. I wish it had the ability to plug an ipod in, but it still seems like an amazing bouncer!

  12. Each baby was different. Amber rocked chest to chest. Charlotte was more of a side to side bounce. Baby #3 is due in January and I hope to win this for him!

  13. You wish the arch had the ability to swap out the toys. I agree. It is also nice to just have them removable to be washed easily.
    Great Review!

  14. My baby isn’t here yet, but as a former nanny, I’m a big believer in “The Five S’s” from Happiest Baby on the Block, especially the swaying/swinging movement and shushing. It really works!

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