The Best Way to Get Kids To Wash Their Hands

If you are reading this, then you know how hard it is to get kids to wash their hands – whether they are two or twelve! So I introduce you to SPLATZ soap!

kids washing hands

Especially with COVID-19, washing hands is more essential than ever – and it is more required than ever! My kids never had to wash their hands before walking into their school. Now they have to do so – and then wash their hands several times a day after that!

While hand sanitizer is easy and convenient – it is not as effective as handwashing with soap and water. So, soap is still the best way to deal with germs. Yet, how can you make it fun and easy? You need to check out SPLATZ soap for kids. (Note that this is NOT an affiliated or sponsored post. If you have never been to my site before, I often love supporting awesome products!)


Splatz Soap
Credit: OneFun

SPLATZ are eco-friendly bubbles of pure hand soap that literally SPLAT when kids squeeze them. These bitty bundles of bubbles were designed by a Massachusetts Mom and developed by two Harvard/MIT scientists.

Each packet is packed with natural ingredients in eco-friendly packaging with biodegradable soap shells. (It is not advised to put the shells down the drain so dispose of them in other ways.)

Parents of younger kids do need to supervise so the bubbles don’t burst and accidentally squirt soap in an eye. Plus, they should be kept out of reach of younger children so they know they are not candy. For older kiddos and younger ones with supervision, SPLATZ are super to squish and then suds-up!

Splatz Soap

They are also great to bring with you along with a bottle of water and a microfiber cloth for on-the-go handwashing portability! They are also amazing for stocking stuffers, Easter basket fillers, teacher gifts, and more.


Speaking of teacher gifts here is one cute way to gifting some SPLATZ. Just attach one printable to the container! Such a fun (and appreciated) bus driver or teacher gift!

You can see SPLATZ here, and check them out on social media at @onefunco #onefunchallenge.


Some other tips to get your kids to wash their hands include:

  • Using Alexa- say “Alexa, sing a handwashing song.”
  • Using Alexa – say “Alexa, sing a song for 20 seconds.”
  • Give kids a sticker and when they earn a row of stickers, they get to pick from a prize box.
  • If they wash their hands before dinner, they get dessert!
  • Have them do a germ challenge so they can see how important it is to wash hands!. You can see some fun experiments here!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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