There are a lot of kid tags out there. You know what I am talking about, right? Those stickers you can stick on anything – from sippy cups to sneakers, utensils to underwear. As a parent of young kids, I never really knew why I had to have these things. Wouldn’t a cheaper permanent marker do the trick? Well, here are five reasons you should slap a tag on your stuff and ditch the permanent marker too.

Kiddo Tags

1. Because there are random kids named Michael wearing t-shirts that say Connor permanently placed on their shirts.

2. Because you walked out of the party again wearing someone else’s black winter coat….and gloves….and hat.

3. Because that permanent marker your toddler’s sippy cups comes off every time you wash them. Making it a pain in the @#$#.

4. Because you are tired of your twins arguing every morning that the white hair brush is Susie’s, or Sally’s, or, geez, who can tell them apart anyway.

5. Because pass the binky in the playgroup is really disgusting. Why is it that everyone has the same pacifier anyway?

So now that it is pretty apparent that we all need to slap some tag on our household stuff, which brand do you go with? Lets face it, kiddie tags are pretty much the same. Dishwasher safe, Laundry safe. Maybe some wash better than others over the years, but I found that the big difference in these companies is (1) customer service (2) product selection (sizes, types, clothing tags vs. backpack tags, etc.) and (3) designs.

When I hopped onto the Kiddo Tags website to place my complimentary order for this review, it was sort of business as usual. After a few minutes, however, I was having a blast. There was so much from which to choose and the design factor was AWESOME. Everything from fonts types and font colors, to background colors and shapes, to little images and more was at my fingertips. I could have spent hours playing around with it. (Preschool pickup is so over-rated.) So this company rocked the design aspect. I mean, if I have to tag everything, I want them to look pretty.

I also loved how they had medical/allergy bracelets and even tags for Autism. They have pacifier tags, peel and stick tags for bottles, food and formula, bag tags and even a Social Playdate Kit, which I ordered because it is so cool! It comes with  “Business Cards”, a leather carrying case, and other goodies. If you have an engaging 8 year old girl, for example, she will flip over this. So grownup! As a Mom to younger kids, it is great when I meet someone at a playgroup, playground or preschool, and we want to connect for a playdate. I can give this card with our information on it.

I also ordered the complimentary Value Pack, which came with 150 Kiddo Tags: 75 Pencil Thin, 30 Mini Kiddos, 20 Polka Dot Kiddos, 10 Paci Nuk, 15 Binky Dots. This pack is a must, in my opinion, if your child (or children) go to daycare. It also is great for preschool and camps too, where you have to label all of their things, either because it is required or because you want to have a good shot of getting your kids stuff back! I wish I could say that one size is perfect for shoes or sippy cups, for example, but really, these are versatile and you can stick them anywhere and anyhow you want.

Lastly, I ordered the complimentary laundry tags. These do not have to be ironed on, which is a huge bonus in my book because I don’t know where our iron is. Plus, we consign our clothes and I wasn’t too keen on consigning clothes with my kids name on shirts and shorts that someone else would be wearing. (Weird!) Can you just imagine? Your kid is named Connor, but the shirt says Michael. So you have to cross off Michael, to put Connor. Talk about confusing to Mrs. Swift in daycare! These tags stick, but can be pulled off. It is a bit of work, but doable, so it is a good option.

One last thing I want to mention is that these are good for us grownup too. If you have people eating your leftovers in the work fridge, slap a tag on your containers. And I cannot begin to tell you how many parties and events I have been too when I have been handed the wrong-everyone-has-a-black-coat coat. Seriously.

All in all, this company and their products are a great option if you are looking for some labeling tags and stickers. As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, on other factor is customer service. This company ships for free starting at $35 and they have a 30 day money back guarantee. Super sweet.

So check them out and start slapping tags on your stuff!
Images: My own. All Rights Reserved
Disclosure: I received complimentary products mentioned in this post.


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  1. This post is hilarious and your points are SO true! We consign and sometimes buy consigned and nothing is more of a turn off than initials or a name on the tag! Definitely a good reason to pick up some tags–that and pass the binky (cringes!!!!)

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