A Van Cleef Piece for Every Anniversary

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I am a big Van Cleef and Arpels fan. I’m always dreaming about the next piece in my collection. Especially when it comes time for the anniversary hints! However, one day, I thought to myself, what would be a meaningful VCA anniversary gift? Then I had the idea of figuring out a piece for each of the first 10 anniversaries. Of course, it could be a wedding anniversary, but maybe it is an anniversary for every year of  being cancer free or in a career path. Anything worth celebrating counts!

I especially love the VCA line because even though I’m picking pieces in this post to celebrate each year that is worth celebrating (and thus creating meaningful memories for the gift), the VCA collections have meaning in and of themselves. For example, the Alhambra collection is made up of the clover; a potent symbol of luck, health, fortune, and love. The Frivole petals look like hearts. Plus, many of the stones have meaning too, like friendship or protection. So there is a lot of opportunity to make this gift a truly representative gift, for whomever you are giving it to.

So here are the ten VCA pieces I picked for anniversaries one through ten!

1. A Single Sweet Alhambra Bracelet

For the sweet first year together, this cute little pendant is a perfect present. Since it is a single clover drop, it matches the first year theme. There are different stone options like carnelian, mother of pearl, gold and more in shapes like butterflies, clovers or even…hearts! Alternative: a single Sweet Alhambra Pendant. 

2. A Pair of Sweet Alhambra Earrings

This is a great second anniversary gift – two Sweet Alhambra earrings! To make it a set, match to the Sweet Alhambra pendant you got (or gave) the year before!

3. A Gold Frivole Pendant

This pendant comes in white gold or yellow gold. The three petals on the pendant represents the third anniversary, and the three petals look like hearts! Alternative: Single Socrates Ring or Pendant which has three petals on the flower.

4. A Vintage Alhambra Pendant

A classic in the VCA line, the Vintage Alhambra pendant is larger than the Sweet Alhambra pendant so it is a great addition to the growing collection. The four parts of the clover represents the fourth year of marriage! There are lots to choose from, including limited edition ones that are released every fall. Alternative: a Vintage Alhambra Ring. 

5. A Five Motif Vintage Alhambra Bracelet

Match the Vintage Alhambra pendant from the prior year with a Vintage Alhambra bracelet. Or mix it up. The five clovers on the bracelet can represent the five years of wedded bliss! Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, Diamonds, Mother of Pearl, and other options will make it fun to pick and choose!

vca anniversary gifts

6. A Pair of Gold Frivole Earrings

Add to the Frivole pendant from year three and make it a matching set with a pair of Frivole earrings. The three petals on each of the earrings, makes it a total of 6 pedals for the six years of marital success!

7. A Diamond Frivole Ring

I have to admit, it was hard to figure this one out, but the single diamond Frivole ring has six total sections (two per each petal) and the diamond in the center for a total of seven components! Yay for year seven!

8. A Pair of Vintage Alhambra Earrings

The four parts of the clovers on the two earrings totals eight, so this is great! Get a pair to match with the bracelet and the pendant from the prior years or find something else to make your (or their) heart sing!

9. A 9 Flower Frivole Necklace

If you have made it to nine years of marriage, it is time to go bold. Pick up a Frivole 9 flower necklace. It only comes in Yellow gold at the time of this post. (Sad face.) Alternative: pair of yellow or white gold Frivole earrings and a matching Diamond Frivole ring (or Diamond Frivole Pendant.) The three petals on each of three pieces totals nine for the nine years of being nice to each other!

10. A 10 motif Vintage Alhambra Necklace

Not only is this a great piece on its own, but it will pair nicely with the vintage five motif bracelet and earrings from the prior years. Make it a similar stone as the previous pairs or go a different direction. Diamond, pink gold, yellow gold, and various stones will make it hard to choose just one!

If you have made it to year 10 – congrats!! What piece do you want for your next anniversary?

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