If you ever wanted to fly to the mid-west, now is the time! jetBlue has added non-stop flights from Boston to Cleveland and back. It is the first of other new additions, such as new flights from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard.

JetBlue Cleveland

jetBlue is one of my favorite airlines for a variety of reasons; the extra legroom, the seatback TVs, the easy boarding process and their pre-boarding of families, the friendly staff, and the extra touches. Some of the extra touches are full size soft drinks and juices, not just a cup. Free full size snacks too!

I recently flew on two non-jetBlue flights since I wasn’t the one to book them. On one flight, they didn’t even serve water and on the other flight I wasn’t happy being boarded like I was cattle. I think at over 40, I’m past the stage of ‘roughing it’ in a box in the sky.


On jetBlue, I like the fact that the attendants don’t use carts to serve the drinks and snacks. Not only does it not block the aisles if you need to walk the kids or make a break for the bathroom, but it gives a personal touch when the approach you in person and not over a metal push cart.

When searching for flights, price is a factor for our family, in addition to the flight times. Yet, before you book your flight, consider the fact that jetBlue does not add any extra fees – including baggage fees. They allow the first bag to be checked for free, and for a round trip flight, that is a savings of $50 per person compared to most airlines. So if a flight is $350 on JetBlue and $300 on a competitor airline, the price is comparable when you consider baggage costs. Plus, add the TV and copious snacks, jetBlue is a travel winner.

Ready? Jet. Set, Go!

I recently had the opportunity to receive a complimentary roundtrip flight from jetBlue. However, the decision to write is entirely my own because I {heart} jetBlue.

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